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Things I notice about myself that annoy me but I can't seem
1 ) I have an insanly weird sence of style
2 ) I have the weird habit of hiding my face with my hair when im sad, embaresed ect.
3 ) I puff out my checks when annoyed or pouting
4 ) I get REALY spazy
5 ) I'm smart enough to get strait A's, yet have a C avarage
6 ) I am a bit of a brat when sick/not feeling good
7 ) I spend way to much time in my own head
8 ) I am way to easly influensed
9 ) I pick up habit from anime that SO do not work in rl
10 ) I tend to act completly innocent when I'm realy just innocent minded and asexual
I'll probly end up making another of these lists~

:cat_sweat: They say curiosity killed the cat :cat_xp:
:heart: Good Thing I have 9 life's:heart:
Ah Its A Wonderful Cats Life