This week.

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Has been filled with drama, solving, and also refreashing.
I have been working alot on this photo session I had yesterday, it's really tiring work, but I pulled it off, and I am so proud what we did in the end.

My husband works alot aswell, and he's doing sucha great job to be a model, I am proud of him, and he's proud of me.

Also, this week we have been solving the argue between me and Desdemona Crane, it felt good that we settled things as mature adults, I can't really be arsed to waste my precious time on people tbh.
Only waste time on the people you care about.

And i also thought today, why not remove all the old nasty blog updates and make this blog more serious and more interesting? I am making an restart of this blog.
Sure, it will be about fashion, gaia life, real life people, and events that is happening.
I will have all that included, but if you guys wanna see something more, like for example, me reviewing a videogame, or a movie, just tell me!

The comment box is all opened!

Anyway, you all have fun now!