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I feel like a huge derp.... I've been coming on this site since 04' and I am not just starting to use and understand this site.
This is my very first journal since I discovered this place. To be perfectly honest, I don't even remember when exactly or where I found this place. I didn't have a friend to tell me because not many of my friends even come here.
weird... meh.
I suppose I'll be using the Journals much more often now that I know.
I don't usually use the Journals on sites. Well just the Journals on Deviantart. pffft.
but uh..yeah..idk.
I tend to talk to myself a lot .___."

On the plus side, at least I'll be able to go at this site with all my potential. XD
Before I really didn't do much here. Just wonder around and maybe talk to 2 or so people in Towns.
I really don't talk to anyone on here now because it seems almost most of the members here have some kind of attitude.

Like with all the others sites; it seems to be a battle between newbs and the one's who have been here the longest .___." it's kinda annoying if you ask me. As long as people are having fun I guess don't see what the issue is. I'm just rambling. but yeah that stuff is childish to me.

I'm a gender confused derp
Also, I love Art Trades, always looking
Or even requests. Art Trades preferred though ^w^

My DeviantArt <-- It's new because it's dA just for my Gaia stuff