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And he messages me~ Hahah I was gonna start it off like Yay! He finally messaged me but idk if I'm excited or nervous or what :[ I was filled with many different emotions when he messaged me. But he's still as cunning as he was before ahaha. He still confuses me with the things he says :[ Idk whether or not he tells the truth or is ever sincere with the things he says to me. I question myself whether i can handle my emotions without letting them get out of hand and let them get the best of me... I don't want to be driven by emotions when it comes to making decisions on what to say or do when I talk to him... I don't wanna make the same mistakes i did before by chasing him away when I was blinded and didnt realize he wasn't someone achievable for someone like me ahaha. He's just not interested in me is all and he's friendzoned me awhile ago but I just wanted to make it seem like he hadnt... then he finally pushed back and I got the message... He changed me. Made me someone less emotional... stronger, and more patient... Without him I think I would still be making the same mistakes i made with him before but with others ahaha. But I'm glad he doesnt care about how i was before and is accepting me as a FRIEND for who i am ahaha. Thanks Hyung,Oppa,Ahjussi.

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