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The Protectors Book 2: Darkness: Warning! Rated M for sexual actions.
"But doctor! That's impossible I don't own a male Fox..."Kairi said slowly holding her sobbing pet.

"Yes I know Miss Overdrive, but she goes out of her own doesn't she? And she goes to school too,"The doctor pointed out.

"Yeah... that she does,"Kairi replied as she glared down at Rexie, letting the Fox out of her arms.

"Listen I can explain... it's just very very personal,"Rexie replied nervously.

"Vey well I'll give you two a few minutes,"The vet sighed as he left the room and closed the door behind him.

"Okay Rex what happened?"Kairi asked looking at her pet with conceren.

"Well... you remember the day the school shooting happened? When Hunnie and Wind got shot? That night Snow couldn't sleep so she called my cell phone and asked if I wanted to go on a walk with her... and I said yes cause I couldn't sleep either, but after I snuck out and we were talking we went down an Alley... and I guess when were so focused on talking, and just walking around we didn't really realize where we were, however when we did it was too late... a Gang of Six male Foxes saw us... three beat Snow up and the other three well... two of the three who came at me held me down while this one Male preformed oral sex on me, and then raped me, but after that I got all dizzy and passed out a few hours later I woke up and the gang was gone, but Snow and I were still there in the alley and we both wanted to walk each other home, cause we were worried for each other's safety, but then we decided just we'd be fine and went our separate ways and then at school the next day we promised one another we'd never speak of the event ever again,"Rexie Explained.

"Oh Rexie... you could of come to me!"Kairi cried as she hugged her Foxie.

"I'm so sorry, Kairi! I just... thought unless it didn't work you wouldn't need to know,"Rexie mumbled.

"Well it worked... and now I know about it! And I'll support you sweet every step of the way!"The redhead responded gently.

"Thank you,"Rexie added happily nuzzling her master.

"No Problem! Now then how shall we tell your family?"Kairi questioned.

"They're not gonna find out! Cause I'm not gonna be a mother!"Rexie barked.

"What do you mean you're not gonna be a mother?"... Kairi said nervously.

"Because I'm going to get an abortion!"Rexie answered.

"Are you sure this is what you want?"Kairi pointed out.

"Yes... and besides Hunnie, Wind, and Snow need me right now! We've got to restore the power of the Elements!"Rexie howled.

"Oh alright then,"Kairi sighed giving in.

"Look, Kairi I don't know what else to do... I mean if my mom, and sister find out what happened... they'll never trust you with me again! And just think what my dad would do!"Rexie added.

"I understand. Don't worry, Rexie they won't find out I promise!"Kairi replied.

"Good now let's get out of here,"The orange and white nine tailed Fox responded.

Kairi nodded, but before they could make it to the door the doctor came in.

"Is everything sorted out?"The vet asked.

"Yeah,"Kairi answered looking down at Rex.

"Doctor... I'd like an abortion,"The Fox admitted.

"Very well Miss Pie. Come back when you're four months pregnant that's when we can do it,"The vet said.

"Alright and thank you sir!"Rexie barked.

"No problem see you two soon,"The doctor said softy as Kairi and Rexie left the room.

After that the pet and master pair left the vet and went back home.

"So how am I gonna go to school... when the pregnancy begins to show?"Rexie questioned nervously as she and Kairi walked into their home.

"I never thought of that... but I guess until you have the abortion you should be homeschooled and I'll teach your lessions,"Kairi suggested.

"Kairi! You can't you've got work at the bookstore and then College classes!"Rexie whined.

"I'll still work, but I'll take a break from school after all in College you can go at your own pace, but in High School it's different,"Kairi pointed out.

"Well okay then,"Rexie sighed.

"Don't worry Hun you'll be alright,"Kairi added as she hugged her pet.

"I know,"Rexie replied as she hugged her master back. "So about being homeschooled though... I was thinking a good lie to the school would be that I'm going through family issues and need a break from being around everyone for a while,"The Fox finished.

"That's a wondeful idea! I'll tell 'em that!"Kairi cheered.

"Good,"Rexie said as she let out a sigh of relief. She was starting to feel like this would go as planned... and that her family would never find out.

---Five Hours Later---
School had let out and since Rexie hadn't showed up for classes Hunnie, Snow, and Wind made their way over to their friend's house to see what was up.

"I hope Rexie's okay,"Wind said with a hint of worry in her voice.

"Me too,"Snow and Hunnie replied unison as they reached Rex's house.

"Okay I'll knock!"The hunny colored Fox added as she ran up to the door.

Then Hunnie used her right paw and knocked on the front door.

Within a few seconds as Wind and Snow joined Hunnie by the door it opened revelaing Kairi.

"Why hello Kairi! Is Rexie home we'd like to see her,"Hunnie greeted.

"I'm sorry girls, but I'm affraid Rex has had a long day and cannot-"However before the redhead could finished her sentence she was cut off by a voice speaking from behind.

"It's okay, Kairi. Let them in they need to know what happened,"Rexie said.

"Alright,"Kairi responded as she let the three other Foxes into their home.

"Rexie! Are you okay!?"Wind demanded as she ran up to her friend.

"Wind, I'm fine really... I've just got a little problem right now,"Rexie managed to choke out.

"What do you mean you've got a little problem?"Hunnie asked.

"I-... I'm pregant,"Rex said weakly.

"YOU'RE WHAT!!!"Hunnie and Wind screamed in unison as Snow gave Rexie a sad look.

"Calm down you two! This isn't her fault!"Snow growled as she hugged the nine tailed Fox.

"What happened then?"Wind questioned.

"Well you see... when you and Hunnie were in the hospital after getting shot, that night Snow and I couldn't sleep so we went for a walk... and then we went down this alley without really realizing it, and this Gang of Six Male Foxes came... three beat up Snow, while two of the other three held me down and one preformed oral sex on me and then raped me... After that I got dizzy and passed out when I woke up the gang was gone, but Snow and I were still there in the alley, Snow was still out cold, but I managed to wake her up and we went home the next day we promised not to say a word about the event unless the rape had worked,"Rexie explained.

"Rexie, Snow!"Hunnie and Wind cried as they pulled their friends close to them for a group hug.

"I'm so sorry you had to go through that!"The Blue and hunny furred Foxes cried.

"It's okay we're fine,"Snow responded hugging her friends and sister back.

"No it's not! I could've lost you dear sister!"Wind hissed.

"Well you're you didn't so it's okay,"Snow said gently.

Wind nodded and then let go of Snow, and Rexie as Hunnie did the same.

"So you you're alright, Rexie?"Hunnie wondered eyeing her friend carefully.

"Yeah I'm alright,"Rexie answered.

"Well looks like you four are all good with each other then?"Kairi added.

"Yeah,"Hunnie, Snow, Wind, and Rexie said together.

"Kay good! Well I'ma go start on dinner while you four hang out,"The human girl said as she walked to the kitchen.

"So listen you three I maybe pregnant, but we're running out of time to restore the Elements so don't think I'm not gonna help you!"Rexie barked.

"But... you'll hurt the puppy!"Wind protested.

"Wind, there won't be a puppy... Because I'm getting an abortion I'm way too young to be a mother,"Rexie replied.

"Well don't worry Hun we'll be beside you all the way!"Wind howled as Hunnie and Snow nodded in agreement with her.

"Thanks girls you three are the best friends I could ever wish for,"Rexie replied.

Then Hunnie, Snow, and Wind smiled and hugged Rex.

"We'll always be here for you! We four we're a team! A family of our own!"Snow pointed out.

Wind and Hunie nodded and smiled at Snow's comment knowing that was true.
The next day which happened to be a Saturday Rexie, Wind, Hunnie, and Snow all met up to restore their Elements.

"Kay so, Rexie when you've been resting at home and we've been searching for answers we met put with the Princess, who told us about this stone building in the back of the forest outside of Lake Vill, and that there's magic books in there which might help us out so we're going there today,"Wind said.

"Sounds good to me!"Rexie agreed.

"Alright then let's get a move on!"Snow howled as she and Hunnie walked a head of the other two.

"Kay!"Wind and Rexie replied as they caught up with their buddies and made their way out of town, and to the forest hoping they'd find what they were looking for.

Once the group entered the forest they walked close together knowing that the area had any dangerous animals.

"You think we'll run into a Crow Cry?"Wind whispered to Snow.

"I don't know... but hopefully we won't,"Snow quietly reponded to her sister.

"What's ya Crow Cry?"Rexie asked keeping her voice down.

"It's a ubnormaly tall and gaint Crow with razor sharp claws and it makes this really chilling cry whenever it's near another living thing,"Hunnie said in a whisper as she quickly eyed their surrondings.

"Dang... that sounds horrifying,"Rexie replied in a hushed tone.

"I agree,"Hunnie added quickly and quietly.

After that the four Foxes stayed quiet until they came across the stone building.

"I sure hope the answer is in there!"Wind whispered.

"Me too,"Snow, Hunnie, and Rexie whispered back as they walked up to the stone structure and then entered it.

It was a large dark room with two tall book shelves where the reading material stood.

"Okay everyone spread out and find as many magic books as possible!"Rexie roared.

The other three nodded and with that the search began.

And it went on for hours and hours... but no magic book they found told them anything about The Weather Elements.

"You know maybe there's a library we could try?"Hunnie suggested more than ready to give up.

"Hunnie! You know the Princess said that their might be a book here to help us! And we haven't even looked through them all yet!"Wind pointed out.

"Yes, Wind I know! But serously it's gonna take us forever there's like more than seven stacks of books in this place!"Hunnie cried.

"Girls relax I think I've found it!"Rexie cheered as she pulled a Red book off of one of the many book stacks.

"Really!?"Snow, Hunnie, and Wind said in unison.

"Yes!"Rexie barked as she set the book down and opened it. "It's all about the Elements!"Rexie added.

Then the other three Foxes gathered around their freind as she flipped through the pages.


"Oh my gosh! You did!"Wind added in excitment looking at the book pages.

"Yep! Says here that the way to restore power to the Weather Elements is too learn this magic spell, which will bring the power back to them, and then the owners of the tools gain the power of magic,"Rexie explained.

"Wait... we have to learn a magic spell? We don't even know anything about magic!"Snow snarled.

"I know we don't, Snow... but this is the only way and besides the steps are right here listed so if we study it enough, we'll be able to learn this in no time,"Rexie said.

"Well alright then, but because we have to..."Snow muttered.

"Ah don't worry sis!We can do this!"Wind added.

"Yeah, yea..."Snow sighed.

"Hey um you three?Can we study this back in town... we've been out here for like half the day!"Hunnie pointed out.

"Yeah let's go,"Rexie smirked as she picked up the book in her mouth and began to walk towards the exit.

And with that the others followed close behind hoping they'd be able to learn the magic spell.

On their way back home to Lake Vill the group thankfully did not run into any Crow Crie's and made it back safefully.

"So where should we study this thing?"Wind asked as she and the others finally arrived back in town.

"How's bout our place? Mom and Dad are out for the day ya know,"Snow suggested.

"Alright then home it is!"The white Fox agreed.

"Yeah! And I've never been over at your house before I bet it's awesome though!"Rexie added.

"Well... I don't mean to brag, but yes! It is rather nice!"Wind chuckled.

Rexie smiled and then noteiced something... Hunnie was starting off into space, however she seemed as if she was looking at something in the distance.

"Hunnie, you okay?"Rexie questioned.

"Yeah... it's just I swear that they shouldn't be messing with that girl!"Hunnie barked looking over across the street from where the group was standing.

Then Rexie looked ahead at what Hunnie saw and realized it was a female Fox... but she was extremely fat. And from the looks of it she also seemed sad... and was being picked on by three other lady Foxes.

"We should go over there and give them a peaice of our minds!"Snow howled more than ready to fight.

"But, don't we have to get home and study the magic spell?"Wind pointed out.

"Aww! Wind, stop being such a whimp! We're the Elements of Weather after all! So we can handle anything and besides we've got our necklaces on to prove it!"Snow replied pointing to her Water Element with pure pride.

"Ugh... okay then,"Wind muttered as the other three began to cross the street to help the poor Fat Fox.

With that Wind followed close behind and when they had gotten, to where the Fat Fox, and the three bullies were Rexie did not hesitate to get the mean Foxes away from the suffering one.

"HEY YOU LEAVE HER ALONE!"The Fire Fox snapped walking up to the bullies.

The three mean Foxes turned around and faced Rexie, but when seeing the Element around her neck and saw that Hunnie, Snow, and Wind were coming up next to her they decided not to fight.

"We're sorry it'll never happen again!"The three bully Foxes cried in unison as they ran off.

"W-What did you do that for?"The Fat Fox asked in shock locking eyes with Rexie.

"To get them off of your back! We might have been chosen to protect StarLight, but that doesn't mean we can't protect others as well,"Rexie explained as Wind, Hunnie, and Snow nodded along in agreement.

"Oh... well um thanks for your help,"The Fox replied nervously.

"Anytime!"Rexie responded cheerfully smiling at the over weight Fox.

"Hey uh guys I hate to break the moment, but we've got to get to Snow's and I's house!"Wind pointed out.

"Oh right! Yeah we better get going,"Rexie added.

"Yep!"Snow barked quickly as she, Hunnie, and Wind began to walk ahead of Rexie and the other Fox.

"Do you wanna come with us? We're just doing some work, but we always like to make new friends,"Rexie said.

"Sure!"The Fox howled in delight.

With that Rexie began to walk with her new friend following close behind.

"So what's your name?"Rexie asked.

"Name's Trixie! And I beileave you're Rexie?"The new friend added.

"Yeah that's me! And Trixie... that's a nice name!"The nine tailed commented.

"Thanks,"Trixie replied as she smiled.

Then as the two walked up to the other three they stopped walking, then they saw Rex's new buddy.

"Why is she still here!?"Wind demanded.

"WIND!"Snow snarled glaring at her sister. "Don't mind her she just wants us to hurry up is all!"Snow explained grinning at Trixie.

"It's alright,"Trixie sighed looking down at her paws.

Rexie looked at her new friend coursley... besides being Fat Trixie was very nice looking. She had Green eyes, Black fur, and a bushy Black and White tail.

"Hey now don't be sad! We're your friends here!"Rexie barked.

"All of you? Really...?"Trixie questioned.

"Yes!"Snow, Wind, Hunnie, and Rexie said in unison.

"Well thank you all! It feels good to finally have some friends,"Trixie said smiling.

"No problem!"The four Foxes responded together to their new friend.

After that everyone started walking again as they headed for Snow and Wind's home. And while on the way there Rexie, Hunnie, Snow, and Wind learned a lot of their new buddy.

They had learned that Trixie's mother had passed away a year ago, and after that her father became abusive and Trixie fell into a deep depression and what seemed to help her was eating... but the more she ate, the more she could barely stop and so in time she began fat to where she now weighed 200 pounds.

Knowing that,Trixie was in need of some help Rexie and the others all agreed to help her lose weight, as they studied the magic spell.

And soon enough the group finally reached Snow and Wind's home and went staright to the living room to get started.

Rexie put the boon down gently and opened it up and began to read the first step.

"Okay ladies the first step says for all four owners, to take off their Elements, and line them up in the order of who was first chosen, second chosen, third chosen, and fourth chosen to protect StarLight,"Rexie explained.

"Well you were first weren't you, Rexie?"Wind said.

"Yeah I was,"Rexie responded as she took the Element off of her neck and placed it on the floor.

"Okay so who was next?"The nine tailed Fox added.

"I was!"Hunnie cheered as she took off her Element and put it next to Rexie's.

Then Wind took off her little Element placing in line with the other two, as Snow knowing she was next took her's off and placed beside Wind's.

Then all of the Elements laid in a straight line so Rexie began to read the next step.

"Kay... now it says we must each take what is respeanted on our necklaces and put a pieace of the pictures on them,"Rexie said.

"What in the world does that mean?!"Snow hissed.

"Well I think what it's saying... is that we each take some of the real thing, from our Elements and them lay them on top,"Rexie responded.

"Alright well... since my Element is Earth I could easily find myself a rock!"Hunnie cheered.

"And I could easily find myself some fire,"Rexie smirked.

"But, how are Wind and I gonna get ours? My picture is the ocean, and her's well... is just the Wind blowing some trees around,"Snow pointed out.

"I guess we'll be going on a little trip then,"Rexie responded knowing where they could find what they need, but knew.. it would take a while to get there.

"A trip!?"Snow, Wind, Hunnie, and Trixie said in shock.

"Yes... because there's a beach in the town I used to live in, and also The Great Snowy Woods isn't far from there,"Rexie explained.

"But... but The Great Snowy Woods they say is supposed to be really dangerous!"Wind cried.

Yes I know Wind, but there's really no other way,"Rexie sighed.

"She's right sis,"Snow added agreeing fully with her nine tailed Foxie friend.

"Oh! Fine, fine, fine, fine!"Wind roared giving in.

"Alright then we best move out soon!"Rexie barked.

"Our parents will be back tonight though!"Wind whined. Trying once more to get out of going.

"Wind, we'll just leave 'em a note they know we have to do this type of stuff now,"Snow pointed out.

"True,"Wind muttered still not wanting to go on the trip.

"Ah come on, Wind! We'll be fine!"Hunnie purred.

"I know, know..."Wind said gently.

"Alright then I'ma write them a quick note and then we can leave,"Snow replied as she left the living room, to find some paper and a pen.

"I'll need to tell, Kairi too!"Rexie howled.

"Kairi? Is that your sister or something?"Trixie asked.

"No she's my master, but we're pretty close like sisters,"Rexie answered.

"Oh I see,"Trixie responded.

"Yeah,"Rexie smirked as she stood up. "Well I'll be back in ten minutes... I left my phone at home and I need to go tell, Kairi!"The nine tailed added.

"Kay we'll be here!"Hunnie, Wind, and Trixie yelled as Rex ran out of the room, and then exited the house through the front door.

"Hunnie, don't you need to tell your family?"Wind asked.

"No cause my parents went away for the week so I'm home all alone,"Hunnie replied.

"Lucky!"Trixie and Wind cried in unison.

Hunnie laughed at her friend's reactions and then smiled.

"You know, Trixie... you don't have to go with us if you don't want to right?"Hunnie addd quickly.

"I know I don't, but I'ma go! Besides walking will help me,"Trixie barked.

"Well alright then,"Hunnie said as she licked her front paws clean.

Then, Snow entered the living room holding a peaice of paper in her mouth and two plastic containers wrapped in her tail.

"I wrote everything that they'll need to know, Wind,"Snow said setting the note down on the coffie table.

"Okay good,"Wind replied nervously hoping that their parents would understand.

After that the sound of the front door opening, and closing was heard following by Rexie running into the living room.

"Kay I'm ready!"Rexie cheered. "Kairi understood fully so we're all good to go!"The Orange and White Fox added.

"Good then let's get going!"Snow barked heading out of the room, who was know holding both plastic containers in her mouth.

And with that the others followed close behind and headed for Rexie's old town: Cinder Valley.

"So how long will it take us to get to your hometown?"Wind asked as the group headed out of Lake Vill.

"About an hour or so,"Rexie replied.

"I sure hope this won't take us more than a day,"Hunnie pointed out joining her friends in their conversation.

"Well I don't think it will, but just to make sure nothing bad happens we're gonna have to be extra careful,"Rexie responded.

"I agree,"Hunnie said bitting down on her lower lip. She really hoped nothing bad would happen to them, but was hoping enough to keep them safe? Maybe it was and maybe it wasn't... Only time would tell the answer to that question.

As the group left town they where welcomed by the long rode with cars driving in and out of Lake Vill. Then the Foxes quickly and ever so carefully made their ways to one side of the rode where they could safely walk on the side of the grassy feild that laid beside the busy streets.

Then the five Foxes made their way to Cinder Vally and as they headed to Rexie's old town, they talked about how they would be able to save their kingdom despite the drama.

And then finally within an hour or so the Foxes reached the town they had been looking for, and with a smile on all of their faces the group cheerfully headed for Cinder Vallie's beach.

"Yes, yes!!! My water my water!"Snow cheered as she and the others ran up to the sandy area, and then headed right for the big ocean.

After that, Snow took one of the plastic containers and filled it up with some of the Ocean's water, and then closed it shut with the lid.

"Alright now well we need is something from The Greay Snowy Woods for, Wind,"Snow said.

"Yeah, but one question if the woods are just full of snow... then how does that help me?"Wind questioned.

"Wind, I've been in ther before and you see it's always windy... so you could get your container full of some of wind that blows through there... well then I think you'll be good to go!"Rexie explained.

"Oh! Oh my gosh this is perfect!"Wind howled.

"Yes! Yes it is!"Rexie giggled agreeing with her friend.

"Well come on ya'll we best be heading there!"Hunnie barked as Trixie nodded agreeing with the hunny colored Fox.

"Alright,"Wind responded as as she and the others began walk away from the water, and then headed for The Great Snowy Woods.

---An Hour Later---
Soon the friends had finally reached the woods and with that, they entered fully focased on getting what they needed, and then getting out once they got what they were in need of.

"Okay, Wind open that container up!"Rexie ordered as they walked through the woods, where the wind was blowing with all it's force.

Wind nodded and then carefully took the second container from, Snow and then opned it up raising it high so that the wind could get inside.

The wind blew into the plastic container with ease and then the Blue colored Fox put the lid on the container quickly, and felt happy that she had been able to get what she had needed.

"Kay guys let's go! We've got a long walk home!"Rexie pointed out.

"Yes! let's! Trixie responded as she began walking after Rexie, who was already heading to the wood's exit.

And with that the others followed close behind talking cheerfully that so far, things were going pretty nicely.

---Two Hours Later---
Finally arriving back in Lake Vill the young Foxie's had never seemed to be more happy to see home! And headed right for Wind and Snow's house.

Entering the home the group heard paw steps coming their way and as they closed the front door behind them, they saw Snow and Wind's parents running up to them.

"Thank goodness you two are safe!" Snow and Wind's mom and dad said in unison as they pulled their daughters in for a hug.

"Yeah we're fine,"Snow smirked hugging her parents back.

"Good,"Jewel (Who was Wind and Snow's mother) replied letting go of her babies.

"So how was the trip?"Sammy (Snow and Wind's father) wondered.

"It was fine we didn't run into any problems! So it went a lot better than expected,"Wind added.

"That's awesome!"Jewel roared happily.

"That it is!"Snow and Wind agreed together.

"So would all you like a little snack? You've gotta be hungry after such a long walk,"Sammy suggested.

"Yeah I think we could use some food!"Wind cheered.

"Alright then we'll go make you two something just go sit in the living room, and maybe start on that spell with your elements,"Jewel replied as she and Sammy headed for the kitchen.

"Wow your parents are really nice!"Rexie said in amazement.

"Yeah well... that they are,"Wind admitted.

"Hey I've gotta go get some fire though! There's a fire place in my house and then not only can I get what I need, but then Kairi will know I'm safe,"Rexie responded.

"And I've got to get a rock or something for my element so I'ma go too! We'll be back soon!"Hunnie said.

"Alright see ya guys in a bit!" Wind, Snow, and Trixie called as their friends left the house and went to get their element's powers.

Then Rexie headed over to her and Kairi's home and went inside quickly, and then yelled once she had closed the door.

"Kairi, I'm home!"Rexie yelled so that her master would hear her.

"Rexie!"The redhead cheered running out of the living room meeting her Fox at the front door.

"Hey,"Rexie greeted as her human hugged her tight.

"Hey!"Kairi replied cheerfully as she felt Rexie nuzzle into her.

"Kairi, I've got to get some fire from our fire place for my element,"Rexie added pulling away fromher master.

"Alright, but how are you gonna carry fire exactly?"Kairi said.

"Um... I don't know,"The nine tailed Fox shrugged.

"Well hows about you go turn it on and I'll try to figure out how, you can get the to Wind and Snow's place alright?"Kairi suggested.

"Sounds good!"Rexie replied agreeing with her master as she headed into the living room.

With that the little Fox turned on the living room fire place as, Kairi went outside in their backyard.

The young girl was able to find a stick and quickly picked it up and ran back inside the house.

"Rexie, I've got something!"Kairi roared with a smile on face as she entered the living room.

"A stick! Oh my gosh that's perfect!!!"Rexie howled taking the wooden tool from her master, and then put it over the fire place was now turned on and sure enough the tip of the stick caught on fire, but was still safe enough to hold and carry.

"Thank you my awesome master!"Rexie replied as she picked up the stick carefully in her mouth.

"No problem,"Kairi smirked as she watched her pet leave the living room and head for the front door.

"Kairi! Can yo help me wih this!?"Rexie yelled with the stick in between her teeth.

"Yes!"Kairi responded nearly almost laughing from how funny her pet sounded, while trying to talk with a stick in her mouth.

The redhead rushed to the door and opened it up and once she could, Rexie flew like the wind to the outside world.

Then Rex padded quickly over to Snow and Wind's house where thankfully she saw Hunnie coming up at the house, at the same time as she was.

"Hey, Hunie!"Rexie greeted meeting up with her friend as they walked to the front door.

"Hye!"Hunnie replied back as she held a large round black rock in her mouth.

When they reached the door the hunny colored Fox, used her paws to push the door open as let Rexie in first since she was holding a stick that was on fire.

Rexie and Hunnie went into the living room where Wind, Snow, and Trixie were all talking and eating some rabbit meat.

However when they saw their friends they put down their food and went over to the elements, that still laid on the floor.

The orange and white nine tailed Fox bent down carefully and let the fire touch the element. And then the orange fire flame engraved in the element slid open allowing the fire to enter... and then it slid closed as a sudden shine of bright light glowed from the fire element.

After that Snow, opened her container and poured some of the water onto her Element, and then the ocean engraved shape slid open like Rexie's did and the water fell into it and then the shape closed causing the same bright light to shine.

And the same thing happened with Hunnie and Wind's elements once the rock was placed onto Hunnie's element the earth engraved shape opened and the rock fell into it as it closed and light shined once again.

Then as Wind waved the wind she had collected onto her element the engraved picture of wind blowing trees around opened and then the wind was sucked down into it and then it slid close as the fourth and final element began to shine.

Afterwords all four elements began to float in the air and then flew to their owner's necks and snapped themselves back around their necks!

"We did it girls!"Rexie cheered as she looked over the magic spell written in the book.

"You... you mean that was it?! The power is restored!?"Snow, Trixie, Wind, and Hunnie said in pure shock together.

"Yes!"Rexie replied smiling widely feeling very happy.

Then the group cheered loudly and grinned everyone was sure that the kingdom would be safe!

---Six Days Later---

The day that the great evil was to arrive to Lake Vill, had come and the whole town went on lock down while The Princess Of Peace, Rexie, Snow, Wind, and Hunnie prepared for Tails, Lord, and Namine.

"Now remember protectors... Use all of your team work and elements will be able to defeat them!"The Princess said.

"We'll do our very best, Princess,"Rexie responded more than ready to save their kingdom.

"Very good,"Princess Of Peace replied as she and the others looked to the hill side, where they were expecting the three evil humans to come from.

And then finally... they came into sight, Namine who had a white dress, shoes, dark red eyes, and blond long hair glared at the group as, Lord who had Black hair, blue eyes, a white t-shirt and pants seemed to lock eyes with the princess as Tails, who shocked the protectors the most... he turned out to be half Fox! He had two long brown ears and three bushy black tails, while whereing a Black shirt, and black pants, and his eyes were a dark forest green.

"Wait a minute that's the great evil!? What's so powerful about them!"Snow snapped loudly.

"Snow, I was going to tell you and the others after the fight, that the elements are the only thing that can stop them! They're killer proof by all other tricks expect the elements, I just didn't say anything before cause I was scared you four would then get to scared and nervous to restore the power,"The Princess explained nervously as the great evil headed their way.

"WHAT!"Snow replied in a loud yell as Tails, Namine, and Lord ran towards the group... as all three of them took out a long sharp knife.

"No time to explain more right now! Just finish them!"The Princess roared.

And with that the four foxes got into formation with their elements around their necks... and then right as Namine, Lord, and tails were close enough the elements lit up and floated their owners into the air as fire, ocean, earth, and wind blowing on the trees shapes began appearing in the air in the color of orange as they came right from the ingraved mark of the element. And then... there was a sudden burst of blinding light that came from all four elements at once and then a rainbow of orange, blue, hunny colored, and white formed and went right down crashing at the three evil humans.

Then when the four colored rainbow hit the evil it curled around them and then the three humans suddenly turned into black ash.

After that the elements floated their owners back down, and the rainbow disappeared into thin air as the shapes, and lights did too.

"We've did it girls we defeated the evil!"Rexie cheered.

"Yes!"Wind and Hunnie barked happily as Snow smiled widely.

"Well girls you've done it! Congrats my protectors!"The Princess Of Peace added.

"Thanks,"Rexie, Snow, Wind, and Hunnie responded in unison.

"You are very welcome my darlings, however I should be the one thank you! If it wasn't for you four Starlight would not have been saved,"Peace pointed out.

The Princess' words caused the foxes to blush and then after that The Princess Of Peace explained about how she'd, found out about Tails, Namine, and Lord being killer proof, but that the elements were their weakness and that she did not tell a soul about it when she found a letter in an old book explaining it.And also told the group that for time being they were no longer needed, but would be called upon to protect the kingdom when needed and to hold on to their elements.

Then after all of that was taken care of the kingdom was told that they were safe, and everyone was very, very happy!

---One Day Later--
It was now the weekend a Saturday and one day has passed since everything went back to normal. Snow, Hunnie, Wind, Rexie, and Trixie were all chatting up a storm in Rex and Kairi's living room when there was a knock at the door.

"I'll get it!"Kairi said heading to the door from the kitchen.

"Okay!"Rexie replied back and then got back to talking to her friends.

When the redhead opened the door she knew there was gonna be trouble... there stood Lois and Katie.

"Rexie's pregnancy is showing..."Kairi thought nervously as her pet's sister and mom smiled at her.

"Hey! Is Rexie home!?"Both demanded at once.

"Yes she is,"Kairi responded slowly.

"Well then let's see her!"Katie cheered pushing past Kairi, as Lois did the same following the voices that came from the living room.

"Hey Re-"However Katie was cut off when she saw the size of her sister... and right away she knew was wrong no one just got that big that fast by eating...

"R-Rexie are you pregnant?"Katie managed to choke out.

"Katie, let me explain... yes I am, but it wasn't my fault..."The younger Fox admitted. "You see one night Snow and I went for a walk cause we couldn't sleep due to a school shooting that got Hunnie and Wind hurt so badly they had to go to the hospital... and we were just talking to get things off of our minds, when we ran into gang and I ended up getting raped and was forced to let one of the gang members preform oral sex on me, while Snow got beaten up."Rexie finished.

"WHAT! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE KEEPING HER SAFE!"Katie snapped now glaring at Kairi.



"I'm not gonna care for it... because I'm getting an abortion,"Rexie replied as calmly as she could.

"WHAT!"Katie and Lois yelled together.

"NO YOU CAN'T, REXIE! THAT'S ONE LIFE THAT WON'T GET TO LIVE!"Katie roared as Lois nodded in agreement.

"I-I'm sorry... I just can't be a mother right now!"Rexie pointed out.


"AND YOU'RE NOT MY SISTER EITHER!"Katie yelled agreeing with her mother.

After that both stormed out of the house slamming the door shut behind them...

---Three Months Later---
It was finally the day of Rexie's abortion and as they sat in line at the vet... the young Fox was becoming scared.

"It'll be okay, sweetie,"Kairi said as she pet Rexie gently when the doctor called them back.

And that's when it happened... Rexie had her abortion and once it was all over... she was no longer pregnant.

---Back In Cinder Valley---

Lois was out walking down the streets of her town when all of the sudden her cell phone rang. The mother Fox quickly pulled it out of her bag that was strapped to her back and opened it up.

"Hello, Lois,"Said a voice from the phone.

"Mike... What are you calling me for?"Lois asked letting out a sigh.

The lady Fox did not really understand why her ex was calling her... But then again a few weeks ago when she had told, Mike about Rexie having an abortion... It seemed to be the only they had ever agreed on... Was the fact that they both thought it was wrong of their daughter to do such a thing.

"Well you told me about our daughter's abortion a few weeks ago... and I was wondering to ease your pain would you like to come over?"Mike replied.

"Yeah I'll come I can be there in ten,"Lois said now smiling.

"Great! See ya then!"Mike responded before hanging up the phone.

When Lois arrived at Mike's house she knocked and when her ex husband answered he smiled at her, welcoming her into his home.

"Thanks for this,"Lois managed to choke out as she entered his house.

"No problem,"Mike replied sweetly.

Lois smiled again, but before she could do anything Mike grabbed her and began to pull her towards the bedroom.

"MIKE! LET GO WHAT ARE YOU DOING!"Lois screamed as the male Fox threw her onto the bed, and then jumped on top of her pinning her down.

"Now... it's time to have a little fun!"Mike laughed evilly as he flipped Lois over, and began to hump her over, and over again...

It went on for hours... the horror soon the rape purned into porn, and then into oral sex and went on and on...

Finally when Mike was finished he let Lois go, but ordered her not to tell anyone or else he'd kill Katie.

And of course wanting to protect her loved one she agreed to keep it a secret, but... one night two weeks later when Katie and Lois were watching TV the older Fox seemed pretty nervous and upset.

Sensing something was wrong... Katie asked that one question that Lois had feared since that horrible night.

"Mom what's wrong?"

Lois... had no choice she explained what had happened and that she might be carrying... another pup soon.

But, Katie was mad and so mad that she didn't even realize what was really going on.

All she felt was anger... she had told her mother not to go over to his house and now this... this has made her snap!

Without a second to think Katie lunged at Lois preparing to beat her mother up...

---End Of Book Two---