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My Books (continued)
This is continued from the Journal on my old account. So I should be continuing "How To Bring Your Stories To Life"
Welcome To My Life Chapter 5
Chapter 5
A Rude Awakening
(Waking Up From A Nightmare + Waking Up To A Bright Light = NOT A GOOD COMBO)

‘This, cannot be good.
What have I done? I’ve screwed things up and tried to fix them before, but there’s no fixing this. I’ve released the evil of all evils.
She looks around at her handiwork, smiling in evil satisfaction at what she’s done to this town. She’s still connected to me, which is why I survived. She can’t afford to kill me, no matter how much she wants too. Chiyo turns her violet gaze on me, and gestures at the ruins, where my family is buried, somewhere in the rubble.
“This, is what I’ll…no, what YOU’LL do if you tell anyone about me. You are my reincarnation, and your soul is intact to hide mine from prying eyes. If you tell this to anyone, this whole world will end up like this town, rubble and corpses. Got it?” She says, her jet black hair with yellow, red, and blue streaks here and there blowing in her pale skinned face, revealing part of the red dragon tattoo on her shoulder.
I nod, not knowing else what to do. I can’t let this happen. I WON’T let it.
“Fine, but mark my words Chiyo, you hurt any of the people I care about, you won’t be around long enough to do it again, or anything else for that matter.” I threaten.
She just stands there, laughing at my threat.
“Nice try kid, but if the Lycannors can’t get rid of me, then neither can a wannabe like you. You can talk big all you want, but let’s get this straight. I’M the one in control here.” She says.
I look out at what’s left of the new home I’d come to love so much, and try my best to hold back the tears.’

I wake up to a bright, white fluorescent light above me. I squint from the brightness and move my arm to shield my eyes.
‘What the heck is going on?’ I think ‘Am I still dreaming?’ If I am still asleep, this dream is a definite improvement from the nightmare I just saw.
I hear crying nearby, and look over to see my mom sitting nearby, crying her eyes out.
“Mom? What’s wrong?” I ask. She looks up, rushes over to me and nearly makes me pass out again from her suffocating hug, repeating “Oh, thank God” over and over again.
“Umm, did I miss something?” I ask, when she finally lets go.
“You’ve been passed out for three days. The doctors think it might either be from jet lag, or whatever it was that jarred the plane while you were asleep on the plane.”
“The what that did what to the plane? What are you talking about?”
“Something jarred the plane pretty badly while you were asleep. No one knows what it was though.” she answers.
“It’s called the sound barrier mom, that’s normal.”
“No, it jarred the plane a lot harder than the sound barrier or turbulence would have. Also there was this weird flash of light. No idea what that was either.”
“Wait, where are dad and Trevor? Are they okay?” I ask, panic rising. If I had passed out, then what would happen to Trevor? Stuff like this usually affected him more than me.
“They’re both fine. You’re the only one who had any reaction other than falling out of your seat on the plane. And not many people did that either.”
I calm down a little bit at that, but I’m wondering why I’m the only person to have some sort of reaction to it. I know that I’m not exactly normal, but that’s only mentally (and occasionally emotionally, depends on how crappy my day’s been).
“I’m going to go tell the doctor that you’re awake.” my mom says as she heads for the door. It’s a very good thing that we all learned how to speak Japanese before any of this. Although, if mom had told me earlier that we were moving, I wouldn’t have cooperated…well, not as much anyways, maybe.
I look around the room. It looks just like an American hospital to me. Nothing really different there. I look over at the window on the other side of the room. Someone was nice enough to open it so that anyone in the room (who was conscious) could see the gorgeous view outside.
There was a cherry blossom tree, just outside the window, branches swaying in the breeze, covered in the bright pink blossoms. Past the tree, there was the sidewalk, a few feet away from where it stood. It’s not so much the sidewalk that has caught my attention, but a girl in one of the many groups of students walking on it. I can almost swear that I’ve seen her before, but that’s not possible. She looks like she’s in high school, has extremely long brown that she had pulled back, and cheerful brown eyes that almost looked like they were hiding something.
I must have gotten a concussion from that fall or something, because I’m positive that I’ve seen this girl before. The smile that she was wearing up until a second ago is now gone, replaced with an extremely agitated look, as a boy (who again, seems very familiar, stupid concussion) with shaggy black hair, and piercing black eyes walks up to her. She speeds up her pace, trying to avoid him. He does the same. She stops and turns around to say something to him. When she starts walking again, the boy just stands there, with this really weird look on his face, like she just told him that the world was ending and he believed her. He just stands there for a moment, with his head hung, and then keeps walking. Now I’m positive I’ve seen that before, but for the life of me, I can’t remember where. I’ve never seen them before in my life…I think.
The doctor enters the room.
“How are you feeling?” he asks, as he’s checking the figures on the screen of the machine that’s hooked up to my arm.
“Fine, a little confused though.” I say, hoping that I can get a few answers.
“Good” he says, nodding his head and ignoring part of what I said. He looks at the screen for a few more seconds, then turns to me.
“Do you feel faint at all? Like you’re going to pass out again?”
“Nope, I’m wide awake.”
“Good, you should be fine. Although you do have some slight memory loss due to concussion, the few memories that you’ve lost should be regained in a few weeks.” he says. I nod. I just want out of here and never want to get on another plane, ever again. That is, unless it’s taking me back to my friends and family.
“Are you feeling up to visitors?” he asks me. I nod again. Man this guy asks a lot of questions.
He walks out of the room for a minute, then returns with Trevor and my dad in tow.
“Where’d mom go?”
“She’s doing the paperwork that they need to let you come home. You’re going to love it.” my dad says, both answering my question, and making me wish that I’d pass out again. Don’t get me wrong, I do want to go home. Back to my REAL home. I don’t really have that option anymore though, do I?

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