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My Books (continued)
This is continued from the Journal on my old account. So I should be continuing "How To Bring Your Stories To Life"
Welcome To My Life Chapter 3
Chapter 3

I’m starting to cry as I hug my friend’s goodbye. It’s the end of my last day of school in America. I’m wearing the friendship necklace that Alison gave me, and the pink and blue butterfly necklace that Ally gave me. I have the E-mail addresses of all of my friends, and I’m promising that I’ll E-mail all of them as soon as I can get to a computer that has internet access.
I can’t believe that this is happening. My life is officially falling off of a cliff, and hitting razor sharp rocks at the bottom. I’m starting to hate my parents…and when the heck did I become such a whiner?
All of my friends are crying too. Zack and Damian are already celebrating. Ally punches Zack on the arm and he stops long enough to rub his arm and give her a ‘what-did-I-do?’ look. We all roll our eyes, at him. My friends walk with me over to my bus. I wave a pathetic little wave before getting on. I trudge onto the bus feeling even more upset than I had that morning. I pray that the bus breaks down, so we miss our flight.

No such luck. In fact, we get home early. Getting back off of the bus feels like a death sentence. I get off as slowly as I possibly can. It’s still not slow enough.
“Come on Bethany! We have a flight to catch!” my mom yells from the house.
“Exactly!” I reply. Well, I feel like saying that. It would just make things worse if I did though.
I trudge upstairs to grab my carry-on bags from my room. I’m going to be on a plane for the first time in my life. One more thing to worry about, seeing as I’m terrified of heights.
“Hurry up!” my mom yells as she ushers Trevor and I to the car. I never thought that I would hate that blue Mercedes so much.
I reluctantly climb in the shotgun, and buckle up. In a matter of seconds (or at least it feels like seconds), we’re at the airport. We’ve just sat in our seats, when I take my notebook and a pencil out of one of my bags. I start working on my fan fiction some more, to take my mind off of how badly I want to just jump out the window. Just because my parents are forcing me to live in some place that I don’t even know much about (Outside of what I’ve seen in anime), doesn’t mean that I have to stop writing.
I’m still writing, when we break the sound barrier, making me mess up. I bet my character, Lissette, doesn’t have to deal with this crap. Heck, she deals with worse and still comes out of it a heroine. She always keeps a straight face, never lets anyone see tears. If only I had her strength, her courage, her will, maybe I could have made my parents change their minds. Fat chance of that happening now.

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