About roleplayers on gaia.

So today, we are discussing about roleplayers on gaia.
As you all know, I have been roleplaying my entire life on gaia, from Zatanna to Lady Lyonne, it's been a great journey, and alot of ups and downs aswell.
I have met alot of people who have been good and bad roleplayers, and it's giving me a whole new side to look at things.
You can almost say that roleplaying has changed the creativity in my mind, I am more creative.

Alot of roleplayers do their own way, trying to be the character, I keep my OC character out of my head, and I don't try to act it in real life or OOC.
My character is sassy, bitchy, rough, and evil, that's now how I am in real life or OOC at all, therefore, you must not NEVER mix these two things together, it can mess with your head.

So lately I have been roleplaying, and if I should be honest, I am slightly tired of people who wants to roleplay, but then they go in their roleplay "oh go away from my secret base, you are not allowed here." and then they come up with this shitty excuse that their character doesn't wanna meet mine.
Look, someone has to do sacrifices, stand up alittle, dare alittle, be the brave one and meet my character again, even if she told you to ******** off.

I think most roleplayers nowadays are scared to roleplay and scared to be brave in their creativity.
Therefore I always have to step up the game and be creative and think of a storyline, otherwise there isn't much to do if the other one is gonna be rude in their roleplay.

Sure sure, the character is rude, but sometimes, like I said, you can be brave and dare, it's nothing wrong with that, you don't ALWAYS have to be the character DC & Marvel wants the character to be.

For example, batman doesn't ALWAYS have to be so cold and distant, he can be social and actually do something.

Spider man doesn't ALWAYS have to be humorous and funny, he can be cold and lonely aswell.

So that's it.
Dare and be brave in your roleplays, don't be afraid to think outside the box.
Don't be afraid to step up the game and be alittle crazy with your creativity.

Anyway, have fun now!
And stay tuned for more blog updates. <3