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Just Run
It's the same tonight, that same empty feeling that I just can't seem to lose. Is it wrong that I just want to run away? Pack up my stuff and run so far no one would know me or ever find me. What's it like to be free? To just go and never look back? I used to ask myself this a lot whenever I was going through I tough time. I don't know whats wrong with me right now though; nothing in my life has changed or anything I just feel different. I'm not enjoying the same things I once did, I feel like I'm seeing things through different eyes. Eyes that are tainted and that don't belong to me; I'm questioning my sanity again tonight as I lay here. It's so quiet and lonely, my throat burns with the urge to scream. I feel like something is coming, something I won't be able to stop. Maybe I'm just changing, changing in way I can't even explain; all I know is I need to do something. I'm just not sure what that is yet.