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Rainbow Avi Challenge
I've been stuck in a rut. A demonic black and red rut.

Starting today, I'm doing a rainbow avatar challenge.

April 10 is red

I went for an underworld beach theme... because I wanted to avoid doing lolita or straight up demonic. I'm not trying to match these avatars, rather, theme to the colours. I'd rather avoid going that route. So if I can avoid, when I make a Green avatar, using forest themes, that'd be excellent ^__^

April 11 is orange

I wanted to avoid fire, but the background felt warm, and the flames worked well with this background. I have very few orange items, and I'm attempting to use only items I own, plus a couple of gold shop basics if needed. I quite like this one.

April 12 is Yellow

I really like the face on this one. I quite love how it turned out, it's so bright and sunshiny! I also found out we have very few yellow backgrounds, there was a nice one but I don't own it. The flow of the yellow sashes and headbands really made me happy smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

April 13 is green

Green was the hardest one I had to do. I have so few green things, and I wanted to avoid the obvious greenery theme. I was happy with the result, although I didn't try with this one, it was a modification of one I used already.

April 14 is blue

This one was trickier than I'd have imagined, too. I ended up using some mint green in it, however I liked the combination with the fishy wings.

April 15 is purple

I ended up spending some of my savings to buy the hair, eyeshadow and skirt for this, but I really liked the result. I tried to avoid using black with it, but that proved almost impossible with my current inventory. And I say, why let a rule get in the way of good creativity! I liked the curve of the hair and dress, and I totally did not know I owned those sleeves in the Nightmare!

April 16 is pink

I really struggled with this. So much. I have a fair few pink items, but none of them work well together. It has made me quite dislike using the colour, to be honest.
The face on this is meant to look a little disdainful, she's not happy with me for making her look like this.

April 17 is grey