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Where are my friends?
This probably might just be me being really sensitive but I was not in a great mood today and ended up hurt and crying in the bathroom stall. It was a mix of mad, disappointment, sadness, and confusion. I already don't like these people and yet they find ways to piss me off even more. Dumb freshman boys who think they own the place. I don't like them because of the way they talk (It's not proper grammer). The way the only thing that they can respond to is swag, sports, and lame music. Why would you spend so much money on shoes? It won't matter 10 years from now. You think you're so cool not doing homework and being a bad a**? Great, can't wait to see you fail and end up on the streets.

I got pushed around- bullied today by these guys. Twice in one day. Once when I was heading to class. I don't even know this guy but I already knew he was one of those stupid a** freshman who just care about sports and swag. He told me to move it and I was still in a dazed state in the morning. I was minding my own business and I don't walk too slow. Break was a long time so why did he rush me? Before I could react he pushed me aside and I bumped into two other freshman guys and all they responded was oh s**t and pushed me the other direction. Don't touch me guys. If I don't like you then don't touch me. I went to class angrily and ignored them for the rest of the day.

The second time I get pushed was when school ended and I just walked to the library where I usually go. THERE WAS A LOT OF ROOM IN THE ******** HALLWAY AND YET YOU GRAB MY BACKPACK FROM BEHIND AND PUSH ME?! WHAT THE ********?! I'm already in a bad mood don't just add more into it with your disrespect. You guys think you're so funny. NO YOU GUYS ARE NOT FUNNY!

I end up furious as I go to the library where I tell everyone what happened hoping that they would calm me down. But nope- even my friends mocked me for letting them push me around. Haha I got pushed around by freshman. Great. I tell them to shut up cause I wasn't in the mood but they kept going. I end up crying and running to the bathroom. Did any of my friends run to go check on me? No. Do I have any friends? Not sure anymore at this point. Whenever my friends were sad and crying I was there for them. Even if they didn't want me to be there I was there for them to cry on. I ran alone to the bathroom. With no comfort. That might have been the worse thing about today. crying

So right now, I'm still feeling so many things that I don't want to go to school but I still have to. I just might not be the same happy person for a while.

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