Well, Gaia goes on without me. Time to move on, as they say, "Time to start living or start dying." Although, I am half-mad perhaps someone will be entertained, as Kafka entertained countless minions. Currently, Napoleonic's on Steam is a blessing. The Federal lawsuit that I am working on for myself and a blind lady is progressing. The company hired a foremost authority to oppose me, I am confident in my cause and expertise in this field. I feel the battle has been decided before a shot has been fired, as Napoleon versus Mack in 1805. Even though most probably think this a weird venue for my thoughts, as I no longer entertain any worthwhile purpose here, I find it a convenient avenue to express my thoughts.You see once a fair maiden here, quite charming but a rogue...lmao, entertained me and I her. I guess I am to much a fatalist, as I fell behind in the race. She shall be in far better hands anyway. Sadly, I had to resort to sordid methods to release her. I knew she would say, I was taking her freedom of choice from her but I felt it necessary for her overall good, future success and freedom from the French ogre. Well now time for some music and a bit of 1796 in Egypt, the Mameluke's destroyed and the Ottoman's to deal with.......errr.