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Bee Movie Story
So, I was viewing one of my old replies in the forums and saw this:

Barry: Hey! Wanna go to my house?
The Bugs: Okay?! But is this true?!
Barry: Yes! Here we are! The Hive!
The Bugs: Wow! This is cool,Barry! Barry? BARRY!
Barry: Zzzzzzzzz
The Bugs: Oh well! Barry's sleeping at the corner of the Entrance!
Barry: Oh! I fell asleep! Hey Guys Wait!
The Bugs: Huh?!
Barry: Wait!
The Bugs: Barry! Do you know us yet or our faces?
Barry: No! And what's your name guys?
PickleBug: I'm PickleBug the Spider!
Lady:I'm Lady the ladybug!
BigCheek: I'm BigCheek the Catterpillar!
FlySwatter: And I'm FlySwatter the fly but my name is kinda.....Ah! A FLYSWATTER!!
Barry: Run!!!!!


Barry:Ahhh! A Flyswatter in my bottom!!
Annie:I'm Annie the ant! I'll save Barry!

The Man: Ouch! An Ant! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Barry:Thanks Annie!
Annie: You welcome Barry!
Barry:Gotta go now see ya later Annie! Bye!
Annie: Bye!

It was a little story created by KatieAbby. Yes, we do like Barry that year. When I saw that story, I chuckled because it look so dumb. She now do better story plot. I don't know what's her favorite now. I fell in love with Barry again after watching that movie.

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