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Hey everyone, names Yuhei, I am 20 and I really enjoy writing my own little short stories.
Although I write them I tend to lose interest in them all due to them being similar to another story or something I may have seen.
I use to hate reading in school, but as I got older and more anti-social around some people I began slowly slipping away from my reality into the book world, and imagination.
I began reading Manga/Manwha in my earlier middle school years and from there began paying more attention in reading classes.
I've always loved anime but i didn't have a source of getting mangas back then, as many of us did we stayed up passed our bed times to watch Toonami really late till we saw our shows.
I didn't mind getting into trouble when they would hear me watching TV so late instead i was more happy just being able to watch my shows.

In my 3rd year in middle school I really wanted to become a novelist.
I envied the authors for their amazing works and really wanted to write so bad I made sure that I'd get top scores in my English classes.
Sometimes when taking the exams after reading what the topic was I'd close my eyes and envision something amazing to write about.
Sometimes I was able to write so many pages they'd have to put a limit on how many pages I could write cause if they didn't I'd write to my hearts content. Sometimes I failed miserably when it wasn't something that I cared to write about, drugs and safety crap.
Always hated writing something that I didn't care to write about or couldn't think of anything amazing for.

Sometimes when I sleep I get these continuous dreams.
Dreams that make you want to wake up immediately and start writing about it before you forget it.
Although that happens alot to me, I finally think I may have a really good story to post up soon, I really hope that once I get some good stuff down I can send it to get checked out and maybe make something of it.

I sometimes wish That one day I could actually make a living of of writing fantasy, sci-fi novels.
Fantasy is my strong point because as my parents tell me, "You have such a talent for imagining the impossible and dreaming your OWN fantasy world."

..::..Yuhei Kasagawa ..::.. yum_puddi