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Irene1792's data log
Writing helps my little world move, so bare with me if the stories are... strange. Enjoy, comment, have fun.
Exsanguis Chapter 5
Others (The World has abandoned us)

I looked down at my wound; blood covered my shirt and skin. My wound was still fresh. I sighed, and reached around to my back and didn’t feel any exit wound. Crap. I could feel the bullet still in my gut. I was going to have to pull it out; this isn’t going to be fun. Before I have time to search for a first aid kit, I feel my muscles around the bullet tighten. I gasp out in shock and mild pain as the bullet slowly makes its way back through the hole it came in. I watched as blood coated metal peeked out of my entry wound and fell to the ground. I pant, sweating and staring at the bullet that was once in my body. I hear a gasp from behind me; the children saw what happened too. Lily walked over to me, “Are you okay, Big Sister?” Why was she calling me ‘Big Sister’? It was strange, mostly because I’m an only child. “I’m fine, now” I pant out. The boy, whose name I don’t know or hadn’t heard, headed to the Jeep and found the first aid kit. He offers me the kit as I sit sideways in the driver seat of the Jeep; my feet dangling off the ground. “My name’s Jack, the runt is my sister, Lily.” He smiled at me while Lily stuck her tongue out at him.

“Keira.” I grunt out as I wipe the blood from my stomach. The hem of my shirt in one hand and the other hand cleaning the wound. It wouldn’t take long to heal, a day or two maybe. Exsanguis’ wounds heal after deep feeding. I glance at the bodies; I didn’t drink much from them.

I’d probably have to ‘hunt for more food’. I chuckle softy at that thought. I abhorred hunting; you know the ‘sport’ and now I have to ‘hunt’ in order to live. The worst part is that I don’t hate it now. I look up to see Lily and Jack looking around in the jeep. After removing the blood, I take some gauze and wrap it around my stomach, tightly then I tape off the end of the gauze to itself. “So why were you two running in the forest in the first place?” I ask them as I stand up. I glance up to see them sharing a sad look. “The soldiers took us from our mom.” Jack says as he sits down next to Lily. “Daddy didn’t want us cuz we were infected but Mommy still loved us so she told Daddy to leave.” Said Lilly while she plays with the bullet she found somewhere in the jeep. “The transport truck we were in was attacked by something. I don’t what the soldiers were going to do with us so I grabbed Lilly and we ran. Mom told me to protect Lilly.” Jack said with a determined expression on his face. The transport truck was attacked? I wonder. “Did you see what attacked the truck?” I asked Jack. He frowned a bit while he thought about that. Lilly, on the other hand, was entertaining herself by collecting all the lose bullets on the floor of the Jeep.

“I didn’t see THEM but I could smell and hear them.”

“What did you smell and hear?” I asked him. “I heard growling, like when you got angry and attacked the Hunters. And I smelt … uh… well, what we smell like. It’s hard to explain.” Jack frowned. “No, I understand. Anything else?” Jack shook his head.

So other Exsanguis attacked the truck? Were they simply attacking the soldiers or helping the captured Exsanguis? Before I get to ask Jack some more questions, I hear something. Both Jack and Lilly turn toward the sound as well. Then out of nowhere people appear out of the shadows, surrounding us. No, not people; Exsanguis.

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