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Roleplay Starters and RPC's
My starter's and their Character images. Still in progress.

Tanya, strode into her Master's mansion, shaking the rain from her silvery-blonde hair. She looked past the many servants, ignoring them. Her eyes scanned the open hallway, and the stairs, her gaze as cold as ice. Those stone eyes, her teal eyes that almost glowed, searched the halls intently. Suddenly she shook her head again, making water splash everywhere.

The maids scurried past her, their heads bowed, and their gaze averted from this young woman. She was the Master's pet. The cherished one. Held above all others, and used to strike fear and obedience into the heart and mind of every other servant. She was the Master's personal assassin.

She had come to the house, sold as a child to the Master, a heartless man. He had no need of her and nearly killed both her and the man trying to be rid of her. But when he had looked into her eyes, and heard of the massacre she had created of her own kin, he bought her. Hired the finest trainers, and taught her himself.

Tanya had grown much the past ten years. Now eighteen, she was the youngest assassin, and one of the most deadly and feared in the region. An adorable child, now a beautiful woman, still not yet at the prime of her beauty. And as beautiful as Tanya was, She was as cold, deadly, and filled with an unending lust for death and blood.

Tanya strode up the stairs. Passing by room after room, she finally entered the Master's private study, and her gaze fell upon her Master at his desk. He was staring off, not paying attention.

To inform him of her arrival Tanya dropped her weapons, her cherished sword, and a belt holding about seven different daggers from her waist. As it crashed on the plush rugs, she strode to her Master, and sat at his feet. Tanya leaned against him, and laid her cheek against his knee.

Her hair, such a beautiful and remarkable color, glimmered in the light of the torches and candles. Tanya slowly closed her eyes, letting the muscles in her body relax. She was home, and warm.

"The task you sent me to do is complete Master. The Duchess and her suitor are both dead."

Tanya's voice was soft, and her plump lips formed into a small smirk as she remembered her finale glimpse in her victim's room. Blood was everywhere, every part of both the bodies destroyed until nearly unrecognizable. Except for the faces. Those she skinned and placed over the pillows on the bed.


This is a fantasy scenario. A fictional world. There are no guns, or electricity, or cars. It is following a more medieval base.

I will not tolerate tentacle monsters, or futa, or potions that make breasts grow in this roleplay.

And please read carefully. The Master isn't supposed to be lovey-dovey and caring. He is a cold character, very distant, and so is my character. There is room for growth and changes, but please subtle, over time changes. Not all in two posts.

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