Sullen sephia
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People can ask "why do we die?" well it is simple really, unless you cannot wrap your head around it and truly think about ti than the answer cannot find you.

We die because there needs to be death in life,
Sure it can balance each other out with life there comes death,
In the end more people would end up hurt than glad that there is life,
With life there comes an end and we want to try and make a difference before the end,
If people see that there is no end,
Than what do we have?
People who do not want to achieve anything,
Life would not move forward,
Because there would be no need to make a difference if there is always life,
If there is always life than there can never be happiness,
Only boredom for the rest of eternity,
You would become hollow until you wither away into nothingness,
Living forever,
Immortality never brings any happiness to anyone,
So think twice about death,
Even if the death is of a child,
Just find comfort that they had lived and that in the end you will see them again,
No one should live forever,
Because we were not meant to live forever there was meant to be an end,
We make goals that we want to accomplish before the end comes,
and when the end comes we can be glad that we made our life worth living,
So do not be sad when there is death,
Or question it. Because everything dies and that is the way it is meant to be.