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Don't blame me or my family for all your mistakes. I know you favoritize my older brother so quit your s**t and stop rubbing it in my face just because hes your first grandson. You act like you're the best and that you care about me but you truly only care for my brother. Stop trying to control every decision my parents make and stop trying to make everything seem alright. Don't say that you should forgive and forget because you've done things to my mother that is hard for her to forget, You certainly live up to the monster-in-law. I may not be going through what you put my mom through in the past but I sure know that what you put me through now isn't all that great either. So please if you don't care for me then don't act like you do. I know what you told my parents when you found out you were pregnant with me. So go eff yourself, You can be such an evil b***h. I know you help us alot but don't expect something in return we are not indebted to you, Don't try and control us because you feel we owe you something. Look at the situation you are in now. Look where everything you've done has gotten you.