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ChevelleRose's Randomness Journal
This is a journal of memories and stuff I think is cool. :)
My New Bed
For some reason my parents decided to give me a extra mattress. So I have a double mattress now.


I'm not to thrilled about this because my bed is TALL now and I'm SHORT.

See the problem?

I'm not being ungrateful or anything and I suppose it could be considered comfortable.

But I just don't want to fall off my bed and hurt myself or keep having to get my stuff that falls off my bed onto the floor.(if I drop something)

I also don't like these types of beds because Charlie had a queen sized bed with a double mattress and all through middle school and highschool I would have to literally jump to crawl onto the bed to sit on it or sleep(I was shorter in middle school but I'm taller now. But still considered short).

There was also this one time in highschool where we were sleeping and she was going through this phase where she would kick in her sleep and I woke up from her kicking the wall. But I was still half-asleep so I didn't know what woke me up yet and I opened my eyes to see that I was right at the edge of the bed.

But before I could roll over she kicked ME and I fell on the floor.

A hard wood floor.

And I hit my knees.smilies/icon_crying.gif

It hurt pretty bad and I was mad/but also worried like a friend would be so I jumped up and was all wth ya know?(woke her up)

When she woke up all she said was 'what?...'

I told her that she kicked me towards the edge of the bed and then off the bed completely and she laughed. Back then I had a bad habit of laughing when ever she did so I did too. So basically it became a funny story.

Random funny story about Charlie(in highschool): we were talking on the phone and watching tv but not watching the same thing. I didn't have cable and she did. But anyways, she was watching some show with the Jonas Bros on it and she got so excited that she kicked a whole into her wall(she was laying on her bed). And she didn't want her granny to find out so she put a bunch of pictures or maybe a poster or something over it. I think it was a Harry Potter poster because she loves Harry Potter. But it could also have been a bunch of pictures drawn on paper. Another phase she went through was drawing pictures then posting them on her walls.lol

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