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Notes regarding my online presence until August

Hello, my dear friends and imaginary readers. (Ok, so, my imaginary readers.)
I wanted to announce my temporary departure from Gaia. Again. (Is it the 5th, 6th time this year?) Anyway, this time I hope I'll be able to really keep my word. (Really, I must study. Or I'm doomed.) And that's because I'm blocking it. (Thank you, Avast antivirus for having this option!) It's worked this far with the sites I use to read manga, (and I'm still suffering from withdrawal,) so I'm expanding it to just about every site that keeps me busy (Facebook excepted because it's useful).
I wanted to say I love you and I'll be thinking of you. (And if I'm lucky I'll be able to sneak online from the school computers. XD) I wish you all possible luck!
P.S. If you have anything to tell me, PM me. Or send me an e-mail. I won't be blocking my mail. Mail's useful. Just don't ignore me smilies/icon_sad.gif