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RECORDS: Retired Youtube Videos
This is where I'll update the list of Youtube videos I have once displayed on my profile and have retired. If you want to listen to a song, right click it and open new tab.

Miku Hatsune - "Electric Love" (Luv Electro remix)
Miku Hatsune - "Dreamscape"
Miku Hatsune - "Anger" (Extend remix)
Gakupo + MEIKO - "End of Love"
MEIKO - "Chu♪Chu♪Chu♪"
KAITO + Miku Hatsune - "Last Night, Good Night"
Luo Tianyi - "Doomsday Disco" (oCaU Trance Remix)
Luka Megurine - "There" (Progressive Rework)
GUMI - "Innocent Favor"
Miku Hatsune - "Shooting Star"
Miku Hatsune - "Senbonzakura" (Mike TV Remix)
Miku Hatsune - "Unfragment" (Hiroyuki ODA 2012 Remix)
Miku Hatsune - "Electric Love"
Miku Hatsune - "Piece of" (Aura Qualic Remix)
Miku Hatsune - "Anata ni Hana wo Watashi ni Uta wo -Feelin\' Wave Remix-
Miku Hatsune - "Platinum (Shinin\' Future Remix)
Rin and Len Kagamine - "Electric Angel"
Kamui Gakupo - "Ai Ga Tarinai"
Kamui Gakupo - "Secret Dance"
Miku Hatsune - More So Power [Burnin\' Club Remix]

I probably forgot a couple others... Oh well! Enjoy.