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awkward talent shows

so i finally finished game of thrones season 2. it was so good. ;-;
now off to season 3 , which is still ongoing @_@

that's one thing i dont like about watching a series from the beggining when it's already been out for a while, I get so used to just watching episodes as I please,
then when i catch up I have to wait tediously long feeling weeks in between episodes.

first world problems, eh? ;_;

oh also, yesterday I went to this charity talent show thing with my friends, cus some people I kind of sort of know were dancing in it,

and other than maybe three acts, it was REALLY AWKWARD.

like, first off, it was at my school so obviously it was filled with hipster
trying-too-hard to be artsy people, but some of them were just overrr the top

like this one act, there was this girl in really skimpy lingerie, and she was
reciting some poem(? i dont know , it didnt really flow or rhyme.. ) about how she loves this guy, and went on and on really descriptively about their sexual habits.......... A...w...k...w.a...r.d..

then the guy who she was talking about hit her/struck her, and she fell.

then some lady came in and painted stuff on her face and arms, representing warrior paint and/or football paint?

and she recited a second poem(?) about how she's independent now, and then she had a slow-motion sword fight (using bamboo sticks, might I add) with the guy.

....soo not my scene. LOL

but this indie band played and they were pretty good, all their songs were really well-rounded and incorporated all their instruments well (they had a violin ! c: )

then, the dance group i went to see went on ...... kekekek

I geeked out on them hard. ;_;

i felt like knives chau. srs.

then at the end we just chilled outside in the lobbyish area for a while and yeh it was fun~

other than that my week was pretty boring. ~

league of legends time , bai~~

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