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Bah, I'm only here because I'm angry and I want to write.
What's with all that pride of yours?
You go on and on and on about how you are superior
and how you are perfect
and how the rest of the world is no match for you.
You're simply a boy who refuses to leave his little world.
You only think you are perfect because you repel all unwanted criticisms.
'Only compliments allowed'
That's what's written on the side of your little box-world.
Well, I will kick that little box of yours.
I will watch you roll out of it
then I will proceed to kick you down to the ground,
down to oblivion where my friends will feast on you dead body.
I will watch them.
I will be laughing so hard as you're being eaten.
What will you do now?
Now that your kingdom has fallen?
You'd feel the agony, the embarrassment, and the shame.
You'd finally hear all of the hate people, including me, threw at you.
You'd feel the flames tickling every inch of your body.
Most importantly, you'd feel my friends gnawing at your flesh,
tearing away your humanity.
The last thing you'll see is me.
You'll see how happy I am.
Happy because you'll finally be gone.
We don't need you.
We don't need your arrogance.
Why don't you just disappear?

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