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Hey so today in barton town some dude named nero something was threatening to find me, get me drunk, & rape me. He aslo threatened to come to my home, kill me & rape my corpse. LMMFGDAO!!! XDDD smilies/icon_rofl.gifsmilies/icon_lol.gifsmilies/icon_rofl.gifsmilies/icon_rofl.gifsmilies/icon_rofl.gifsmilies/icon_rofl.gifsmilies/icon_rofl.gifsmilies/icon_rofl.gifsmilies/icon_lol.gif AS IF!
He's soooo stupid!! He actually threatened me OVER THE FREAKIN INTERNET!!
WAT A RETARD!!! Still laughing my a** off because of it smilies/icon_rofl.gifsmilies/icon_rofl.gifsmilies/icon_rofl.gif