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New Policy/"Meaty" Scheme
smilies/icon_surprised.gif GOODMORROW EVERYONE! (I know its out of context, Im evil that way):

Hows everyone doing? Good?? Well I hope to change that with my new World domination policy. Whats that, you say? Well its simple!

If you try to stop me while im trying out one of my evil Schemes...I destroy you. SIMPLE, RIGHT?! smilies/icon_twisted.gif I find its a brilliant Policy to follow, one that few evil villains actually do now and again. Anywho, Whats the evil plot for today? BACON!

Yes, to take away ALL THE BACON IN THE WORLD! See the mindless internet users die one by one as they are denied the power of bacon. Who could stop me?! Vegans? Nah, Because I'm developing a machine that will harness the power of the bacon and then use it against them. BRILLIANT! Bacon lovers will die of hunger and vegans will die of cholesterol excess BUAHAHAHAHAHAAH. *cough, cough* Meh still working on the evil laugh.

Well thats my scheme of the Day, I'll let you know how it played out...that is...if you don't notice it yourselves...Keep an eye on the news smilies/icon_wink.gif

Until then, Bunneh out! smilies/icon_cool.gif