The Unit itself

The Divus Unit is the first in hopefully a long line of Armored Units Developed by the Sector 8 Labs that of course, Relius only knows the location of now. The Unit is slim and quite speedy. Not being able to reach light speed like a starship of course, but definitely able to reach speeds of 634mph, in an average time of 20 seconds (with constant bursts). It's coating is made of made of an enhanced titanium alloy, strengthened by several other well known metals found on Cain that resemble metals such as Tungsten and Osmium . Though science played a major role in the creation of the Divus unit. Relius found that his dabbling with Seals and insignia would be beneficial to the then, up and coming Divus. A seal, Carved into the core of the mech, uses a bit of the life force, or whatever energy it's contractor uses to survive, in order to perform a gravitational/Magnetic negation when targeted towards the Divus, as well as Electricity absorption. The green light that seeps through the many patterned Crevices is the glow of the zero core, whose location varies between the midsection of the Divus, or above it's waist near the rear. The Zero core is more than just the home to the seal which gives the Divus its almost magical properties. It is the home in which the constant process of converting Electromagnetic Radiation into its more destructive and concentrated plasma form. The massive amounts of Zero ores which were harvested on the planet Cain, seemed to have been able to naturally reduce or increase the number of electrons from currents that passed through them, charging the ions, and harnessing the new plasma so that it could be used in combat. This harnessed energy is Channeled through the retractable blade on its right hand, As well as the Plasma pistol holstered to its side. The thrusts located near the knee joints of its legs and the wing like structures on its back, are most likely the most complicated thing about using this piece of machinery. In order to conserve the unit's amount of Plasma it can use, a lock had been set on the thrusts so that when being used. The amount of Plasma that was released comes out as a burst, pushing the unit in the direction that its wings were set on moving towards, or in whatever way the unit as a whole was facing.

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Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso
Dimensions: overall height
Weight: combat weight
Armor materials:
Powerplant: energy filler, Zero Core, uses TRIDENT drive superconductor transfer system
Equipment and design features: 2 x factsphere open sensor camera, mounted in chest, 23 miles; landspinner high-mobility propulsion system, mounted in legs; Float system backpack, Burst Thrusts Acceleration edition. allows spacial flight.

Accessories and other useful parts.

The Divus was created to be a versatile fighting unit. The amount of customization you could perform on this unit is close to infinite, making this, hands down, the most amazing factor of this machine.

The AI and Detection Systems:

The AI system of Divus is is more suited to be used if there are multiple units of friendly machinery or registered allies deployed. This including fleets, other Divus, Satellite, Jets, ground vehicles, etc... All foreign entities that are picked up from open sensor camera that are not registered within the unit's ally list, are automatically deemed enemy. The Unit, depending if it is being piloted by a genetic life form, can change its ally/enemy listings immediately by verbally announcing the change. Otherwise a message must be sent from wherever its contractor is operating it. The AI can also be overridden by the Zero AI located on Kathenspiel. The Zero AI takes the form of a young woman, Who's body seems to consist of wires, cords, and other electronic materials. Rumor has it, when Relius still messed with the genetics of human beings while dabbling with Alchemy at the same time; He created a the Zero AI. This, erasing her of all emotional attachment, and causing her to react to any situation, with 100% Rational thinking. When a single Divus unit, or any other Sector 8 Mecha, powered by the Divus core, is needed for a particular role in the mission; The Zero AI is able to pilot the unit by creating a synthetic replication of the Machine's Titanium alloy, as well as Nano technology. Both the Unit's AI are equipped with the Deathcore protection system. Active Viruses Tested on Ver's own super computer defense system; The entire defensive barrier for the planet, any threat/hack that tries to break into the AI's mainframe. This also goes for those who try to jack the system with telekinetic means. And for that, cause psionic corruption.

RIM-67 Missile(Heat Seek Edition) Launcher: (Are materialized before shot)

Power Plant: Two-stage solid-fuel rocket; sustainer motor and booster motor
Length: 4.9 meters
Diameter: 9.3cm
Wing span: 1.6 meters
weight: 1341kg
Speed: Mach 2.5
Range: 75-115 statute miles
Guidance system: Inertial. +Semi-active Radar. Heat seek
Warhead razz roximity fuse, high explosive 137 lbs. (62 kg) continuous rod

The Zero Railgun:

Some general info- The Zero RG is in oversized railgun. It comprises a pair of parallel conducting rails, along which a sliding armature is accelerated by the electromagnetic effects of a current that flows down one rail, into the armature and then back along the other rail. What makes this Railgun different from most, is its very short charge time. Luckily for the Divus, The Plasma the Zero Core naturally creates, acts as perfect hybrid armatures, and stable, reusable and rechargeable one's at that. This allows the gun to be fired at most 7 consecutive times before a mandatory cool down
is required.

Muscle Velocity:
Muzzle Energies: