Sometimes you just want to put the blame on someone else
It's like a ticking bomb
You have to get it out of your hand so that your heart will be in peace
Sometimes you just can't accept the fate
You try your hardest to change it
But you're just so weak and incapable
It's all so overwhelming
So you break down in tears
And at least try your hardest to get rid of that ill feeling
You cry your hearts out
Is anyone out there?
You realize, the time is still ticking
You're still breathing
You're still alive
You still have a purpose in your life that you have to fulfill
You may not know it now
But eventually, you will
Keep breathing because your Creator created you for a reason
He put you on this earth for a reason
A very noble reason
And He didn't create you to leave you hanging
He had already sent down a guide for you
A guide on how to live
And that guide is The Holy Qur'an
He is the Most Merciful
He would never leave you hanging
He has been watching over you
Listening intently
It is time to surrender all of your worries over to Him
He will take care of it
Just believe in Him