Tonight was an unexpected battle in the darkness of the winter.
It was either them taking your life or the winter, it wasn't long better the night got through. By then more then half of the plains was covered with dead bodies. Of the few remaining was being pick off by wolves, as the wolves soon approach nearby me. In my head all I can think about was spoiling the blood of someone else and offering it to them. Before I realize what was happening my thirst for hunger strikes me, my hunger took over my body. Taking up my weapon with a quick swing the sword knocks something down. Walking to the pile of blood surrounded by the wolves I take a look. It was an enemy soldier about to be feasted upon by the wolves. I wasn't able to hold much longer, I just knew this was the end for me here.
This.. thiss... cold ni.......

The sun has risen from the sky and I was still alive but not dead.
By my side looked like a female with lots of hair covering her body as if she were a beast. She awoken to the sounds of me waking up, I suddenly look for a weapon I can grab. She looked at me as if she knew who I was, I looked back at her as if she were crazy. We stood there staring at each other for a moment, she then points to my swords wrapped under some kind of fur. As I slowly move toward my sword she crawls over to me in such haste. Before I could grab my sword she was on top of me, giving me mouth to mouth. Her kiss was salty, though it wasn't a kiss she was feeding me. My mind sudden remembers where I was last conscious after I killed an enemy soldier. I push her away from me at the thoughts of eating human, I start spiting out the meat she have given me. Despite her kindness I felt as if this person this thing have saved me from the wintry night that day. I reach out to grab my sword, as I lifted it I felt this weight on my hands as I drop the sword. My hands were weaken and I realize my whole body was in a bad shape. She reaches over again with a cup of blood in her hand, sipping at it then downing it down my throat.
My eyes were shutting, I tried to keep them open but my eye lids felt heavy.

Before I knew that two days had gone by, my body wasn't as sore as it was days ago.
Though I felt weight over my body, it was the.. it was the caring being. She woke up from my deep breathing, though she didn't get up but cuddles deeper into my arms. Then and there I realize we had no clothes on, covered under some kind of fur. All the thoughts were coming to my mind as I tired to get her off me. She was surely awake though she didn't want to get off me, she then grips her finger nails into my shoulders as I tried to push her away. Then I tried getting up on two legs, but her legs were tied down mines. Her grip was tight, but I was able to take her hands off my shoulders though her legs were now wrapped around me. She looks straight at me with this look in her eyes, then I suddenly look back at hers. She starts making a tighter grip around my waist as if she knew what was happening. She was smiling at me, and I was frighten by what she was doing. Then it hits me I was starting to like her, I didn't know how to explain it but I felt it. She knew all along and nursed me back to health. That night we spent together under the furred covers.

The very next mourning we woke up to the sun's bright light gazing through the cracks of the cave. We walked closer to the opening of the cave to look at the great work of mother nature. The breeze was nice and the sun's light was bright reflecting on the snow. She cuddles into my chest and listens to my heart beat. Our eyes meet and she knew suddenly that it was my time to go. She kisses me deeply and hands over me my sword. I didn't know what to say, there were too many words in my mind to bring out a word to say to her. I pack my belonging as prepare for another journey, a path which I must take and never look back. My heart aches as I take each step closer the opening. I close my eyes as I feel the bright sun shining on my face. Turn my head back against the sun as I open my eyes, my hands were open. At that moment I knew I couldn't just leave her behind.

Now the both of us are making our own path on this journey together, side by side whether a wolf or a human it doesn't matter. And behind us was the pack, the night that snow storm hit they saved me. After I had slay my enemy with the toss of my sword, I did not only killed him. But it was her who I saved, after the snow storm hit the enemies were defending themselves from the wolves. She just happens to step on the soft snow falling in and getting stuck as the enemy saw, just before the enemy was about to strike her with a blow. She was saved by the toss of my sword, her eyes peaches over to me as I fell unconscious that night. Then on continues the journey of us the Cerberuss of the wilderness and the Forged the lone knight.