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May's Story
This is the story of a young girl named May who falls into a television entering her fantasy world.
Random Filler Fun!
{{Yes, this journal has filler. Got a problem? emotion_smilies/icon_donotwant.png}}

May walked along the streets of the city in the Lucky Star realm with Konata at her side. Right now they were headed to the cosplay cafe where they both worked. May smiled and spoke, "So, Konata, what do you suppose the theme is today?"

Konata smiled deviously, "Hehehe, well I specifically requested one that you might like. One of your favorite animes to be exact..."

"Hetalia?" May asked curiously. Her mind then shifted to a daydream of her cosplaying as the female version of Japan. That'd mean she'd be able to act with his personality... His amazing... Adorable... Hot... Personality...

Konata poked May on the forehead, "May, are you in there? The theme isn't Hetalia, it's Tokyo Mew Mew, and you know what that means?"

May tilted her head confused, "I don't know, what does it mean?"

Konata fist pumped in the air, "It means bunny ears and nekomimi galore! I can't wait to get my hands on some to try on Miyuki!"

May facepalmed, "The choice wasn't for me was it..."

* * *

They reached the cafe and went to get ready. Once done, May stepped out of the dressing room in her usual pink meido outfit, but this time with an added ribbon (in which she decided she'd keep on there) and a pair of fake bunny ears. She looked over at Konata who'd went for a cross between Mint and Zakuro. She had the blue meido outfit, but wolf ears instead of bird wings. It honestly fit her well for sure, totally considering the color.

May was take by surprise when Konata put a pair of glasses on May, "There! Now we've boosted you're moe factor to over 9,000!"

May became confused as of why she'd decided to boost her moe factor. Hadn't she known May wasn't looking for attention from anyone else but Kiku? May sighed, "Konata, why did you put these on me... I told you I don't want anymore attention-..." May was cut short with the flash of a light from a camera causing splotches of colors to appear in her vision.

Konata looked at the screen of the camera and smirked, "Hehe, success! I'll surely win that 'make someone you know look even moe then they already are' contest for sure!"

May became infuriated, "C-contest?! Why didn't you tell me! And why of all people would you even want to enter me? What about Miyuki!"

Konata smiled with a cat like smile, "Well, you're the easiest to fool. You're completely oblivious half the time!"

May looked down to the ground disappointed, "Yeah... I guess you're right..."

Konata smiled, "Haha, I knew it! Now let's just get out there and serve some customers!"

May was still sulking, but she walked out the door anyway.

* * *

May pulled open the door and walked in, "Kiku, I'm home."

"Oh, May, welcome back. How was your day?" Kiku asked in a cheerful tone.

May suddenly went to sulk in a corner, "I-I don't wanna talk about it..."

"It was that bad huh?" Kiku replied.

Author's Note: Never ask May about her day when Konata does something stupid to her.

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