I really wish to know where my daughter always runs off to in Aekea whenever she gets the chance.

At first, Harry and I thought that her trips were for commissions from people in Aekea, but everytime she leaves with Rice no supplies are taken along for the job and her clothes are carefully picked out without anything out of place. That's suspicious to me, and makes me think of a secret affair with some lucky chump, but I never smelled any food on her nor of another man whenever she came back home. Not to mention those incidents that people have talked about happening in that city...She couldn't have been interested in those, right?


Sydney told me that I shouldn't worry too much, and I know I shouldn't. Ebele is twenty-two, old enough to go out on her own and be independent, strong enough to protect herself and has a pet to protect her if anything went awry but when her own damn brother doesn't even know what she's up to that worries me. I'm her father, her mother only passed away two years ago, and she's the only daughter I have...I have every right to be worried, don't I? Hanna sometimes wonders where she is as well, and I can't precisely tell her the real truth because I don't know it.

I don't really want to do this, but I think I may have to request Arnold's services if this continues.