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Gamerloid's journal. What I write here are normal and random things

Music-Sonata Marcy
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Adventure Time Fanfiction
I hope you guys like it.

Adventure Time Fanfiction: A New Girl in Town.
Synopsis: Finn and Jake meets a girl named May after she guided them out of a foggy place.
In a warm and sunny day, Finn and Jake arrived at the woods to have a picnic. Of course their snacks are sandwiches and lots of it. Both of them prepared the place and they took a bite on their sandwiches. “Nothing like a tasty sandwich, right Jake?” said Finn while eating on his sandwich. “Yeah Homie! Sandwiches are the best! As both of them finished their sandwiches and took another round, Finn sensed that a dangerous event will happen. “Jake, do you feel something.” Jake nodded and prepared for an attack. Finn did the same thing and pulled out a sword from his backpack. A swarm of huge bats are targeting them and they made a run for it. “Those bats are unusually big!” “Yeah you said it Finn.” As both of them kept running, their surroundings became foggy and both of them got lost. As Finn noticed that Jake is gone, he yelled out loud for Jake to follow him. “Jake?! Where are you?!” But Jake didn’t respond. As Finn kept calling out for him and became exhausted, he sat down, hugging his knees. After a while, he heard a voice, but it wasn’t Jake’s. It’s from a different person. “Hello?” As Finn heard it, he looked up and saw a blue flame. The flame moved closer and closer, until he saw a person holding the blue flame on his palm. What he saw is a human girl that has black hair, braided into two, wearing a hoodie with cat ears, pleated skirt, black socks and Mary Jane shoes. The girl is only the same height as Finn. “What’s a little boy doing in this foggy area?” Finn gets up and looks at her with amazed eyes. “You’re a fire elemental?” “Yeah, but I don’t use it much.” “Can you help us get out of this foggy area?” The girl thought about and smiled. “Sure then. What’s your name?” “My name is Finn, Finn the Human.” “My name is May. “ As both of them looked on their surroundings, May had an idea on how to get out of the area. “I guess we’ll have to fly to get out.” “Yeah, but let’s find my buddy first.” “Okay then.” Wings appeared behind her back. “Grab my hand Finn!” Finn grabbed her hand and they flew up and up, until the fog is no longer in their sight. “Yeah the fog is gone.” “Yup it is. Now let’s find your friend.” “Okay.” May closed her eyes to concentrate and locate Jake. Her eyes opened. She found the location of Jake. “Leave this to me Finn.” They sore in the air and she led Finn to where Jake is. As they landed, they found Jake unconscious on the ground. Both of them landed and Finn ran quickly to see Jake. “Jake!!! Jake!!! Wake up Buddy!” May took a step closer to them. “Finn, let me handle this.” Finn turned around and agreed to May. She placed her hand on Jake’s forehead to perform a healing spell. Everything became quiet. After 10 minutes, Jake finally woke up. Finn was glad that he’s alive and both of them hugged. “You’re safe Jake!” “Thanks Finn.” “I really didn’t save you.” “Who did?” “May did.” May smiled at Jake and pets him. “You okay now Jake?” “Yeah I’m fine.” It was getting dark when Finn stared at the sky. “Jake, let’s go home.” “Sure. Mind if you stay with us for a while, May?” May got back to her feet. “Sure Jake. I’m looking for a place to build my house.” “Okay everyone, let’s go home.”

Jake became bigger and May and Finn hopped onto him and they walked to the treehouse. As they reached it, the three of them went inside and Jake prepared dinner. While Jake is cooking, Finn and May are playing video games. Of course May is winning the fighting game. “May why are you so good at these?” “I used to this before!” “Aww man!” “Thanks for having me over Finn!” “No problem. But please let me win this!” “No way!” Both of them laughed and having fun. As they finished playing the game, Jake called both of them. “Finn! May! Dinner’s ready!” Both of them went to the table and the dish that Jake made is chicken soup. The three of them helped themselves to the said dish. Of course May is eating silently on the chicken soup. “So where do you live, May?” As Finn asked when he gulped on the soup bowl. “ I live in a different dimension.” Both Finn and Jake froze and looked at her with surprised eyes.” “GLOB?! In a different dimension?!” Both Finn and Jake said it and May just laughed. “Hahaha! You guys are sure surprised!” “Well yeah May! Finn has a funny face when he’s surprised!” “Quiet Homie!” May smiled at both of them when they started to quarrel with each other in a nice way. “I am gonna move my home here. Want to see how I do that? “Both of them froze when they heard it and both replied saying “After the dishes!”. After that time, the three of them went outside. “Okay guys. You don’t mind if I put my house here in this area?” “Yeah we don’t mind.” “Mhmm.” “Okay then guys.” May sat down on the grass in an Indian sit position. Chants were dictated by her. While chanting, a portal appeared in the east side. Not far away from the treehouse. A house was going out of the portal bit by bit. It was a very big house. Finn and Jake were astonished until the house slowly lands on the ground. It’s on the east side of the treehouse. May’s chanting came to an end and the process is complete. “That drained out my energy.” “Wow that was awesome May!” “Thanks Finn.” May smiled at both of them. “You guys want to have a slumber party? I got marshmallows and hot chocolate in my place?” Finn and Jake looked at each other and nodded. “Sure May!” “Yay Party!” Both of them are jumping to excitement. “Well come in then!” The three them did high fives and went inside her house.

Part 2 coming up! Titled: Dream Diary

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