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ChevelleRose's Randomness Journal
This is a journal of memories and stuff I think is cool. :)
Just Remembered Another Weird Dream(Charlie Involved)
The last weird dream I had involved me and Charlie in college and me going to the dorm then a girl hitting me with a small baseball bat.

But this one involved her and a baby I was watching.

What the heck is with these dreams?

I have 2 more and one involves a dragon and the other involves dogs and a cop. But I'll write them afterwards.(this is a reminder)


So anyways, I think we were having this party and my mom and some other family and friends we know were going so they were also helping out. With the shopping and whatnot but idk what store it was. It was really big though so possibly a kroger or walmart. We also had alot of children with us for some reason and I had a baby but idk if it was mine or someone elses. In the dream I said 'where is my baby?!' but I say that about alot of things(ex:mp3, laptop, any of my pets that go missing when I have them nearby, etc..idk I'm kinda weird sometimes ^^smilies/icon_wink.gif.

So I was walking up and down the back isles and looking for food for the party with my mom when I realized that the baby wasn't there(insert freaking out and me screaming now). I didn't get how I was holding it then it just disappeared but thats dreams for you. Next thing I did was run up and down isles(never failed me before when I get lost XD) and when I got to the middle of an isle I seen Charlie walk by with the baby so I ran and caught up to her.

She told me that if I wanted the baby then to come to this address and this party(some party that had nothing to do with ours). And I'm just like "WTH?" The audacity ya know and it didn't help that she disappeared around the next isle either.
So until the time to go to the other party happened, I followed my mom around and pushed the basket while leaning on it crying/sighing and saying stuff like "why is this happening..." or "why am I friends with that crazy person...".

Then all of a sudden we walk by the display with snacks and monster drinks and I get all excited cuz I remember that I had $30 left over when all was said and done with the shopping list. You can guess that I bought as many as possibly save for a few bags of beef jerky.

After we all paid for our stuff we brought the food and whatever else to our party then I had to leave and find Charlie's party. -_-
Idk how I got there but I remember that I walked through the front door and the whole place was practically glass and wood. It was also a beach house. So I walked through and was halfway across this bridge in the house when I seen Charlie with the baby. I think I ran up to her and took my baby and was all " What.The.Hell.Charlie! Who do you think you are and what kind of party is this?!"
(nobody was there btw)

I don't remember exactly what she said to me but I could have sworn she laughed and said "I just like to mess with you" or something along those lines that made me mad. I left but I don't remember if I went to the other party I just remember waking up after that.


Next dream is the Dragon dream:
I don't remember most of it but I was with people and the dragon attacked us and there was this one point where I was running from it. And I found I window I could bust through(boards infront) which I nearly skidded by in my hurry. So busted them then had to squeeze through and I could see in my dream how that dragon was nearly there and getting ready to grab me but I could barely fit through(damn big butt/hips XD). I made it in the end and the dragon swooped by and roared since I got away. There were other people there too but I don't remember what was said. I know towards the end the dragon was killed by a group of people after we all made a plan. Then I woke up.


The Cop dream:
This dream pissed me off so badly that I could hardly stand it...
So basically the law is(idk if its different other places) you can't have your dogs on chains but some you can(?)and they usually have to run loose in the yard. So in the dream I have my 4 dogs in their own half of the property(two property lots combined so its a BIG yard). And I'm playing with them when the cop shows up and had the nerve to try and say something is wrong with this. I calmly told him its not aganst the law to let your dogs run around in your OWN fenced in yard. But ofcourse he tried to say it was so I told him that if he tried anything I would sue him.

In realty I took care of a dog for a year and then gave it back to her owner and she had puppies and then later on they were taken in for being fought against other dogs.I know for a fact that those cops were lied to by neighbors or whoever called because that dog was so sweet and so were her puppies and even if another dog ran up to her she wouldn't fight but if they attacked her puppies I imagine she would right? So they took the guys dogs and put him in jail then let him out the next day saying they made a mistake and when he went to get his dogs they said they put them to sleep.I'm not even sure he got to sue them or file a report or anything but it was majorly sad for me.

Back to the dream: After that day I made sure the cop wouldn't see them again by getting them all homes except for one. He was a real jackass in that dream and looked like he didn't care if he got fired or whatever as long as he got the dogs which was weird. Then it kinda fastforwarded to the future and I had moved to a neighborhood and had my own home and everything(in my 20s)and I had my dog with me too. Then one day I heard someone arguing and I went outside in my robe and seen this cop that was trying to take this kids dog from him and the kid was crying and the parents looked like they had no idea what to do. I walked over and asked someone what happened(neighbors were outside)and they told me that the cop was driving along and the dog ran by and he almost hit it and he said dogs can't be running around like this.

I had experience with a-hole cops in the dream and I also somehow knew the chief of the police so I calmly explained that I would be talking to his captain about this matter if he didn't leave it alone. When he yelled at me and didn't believe me I called him(the captain)and explained what happened. Later on he talked to said cop and he was fired or something or sent somewhere else and we got a new neighborhood cop. I mean it was the law for dogs being able to walk around in the neighborhood to beginning with and idk what that cops problem was cuz he was REALLY angry in the dream. I think me and the kid became friend afterwards and I noticed that the new neighborhood cop looked like Adrian(the guy that plays Kili in the Hobbit.)

I swear I have some of the strangest dreams ever...smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif

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