Hey everyone!!! I finally got the first story to my new series done! ^^ So here it is!!!8D But be warned.... the following material is not suited for anyone who can't read things with mature themes... so if you can't handle it I would suggest not reading, but if you can well then Yay for you!!!owo So anyways enjoy!!!c:

The Protectors:

When a Fox and her human master move to a new town, for a start over after facing much drama due to family both discover their lives will be changed when the Fox is put in an unexpected role with her best friends. And along with dealing with a new responsibility the Foxes face many other issues such as gang violence, High School gang violence,
Family issues, and much more.
Back in time... there was a Kingdom named StarLight where a Princess ruled over her Kingdom. This was the Princess of Peace. She treated everyone kindly and made sure things went smoothly. However... peace did not stay for long. When a

group of evil humans who had been preparing their who lives to kill the ruler and take over the lands, were ready the Princess used four powerful necklace stones called the Elements of Weather. Using all the power they had in them she turned the evil to stone. But it said the evil would break from their traps 1,000 later that they'd come back... and that's when the real owners would be picked to find the power of the Elements again and find a way to make the evil go away forever.

-Nearly 1,000 Years later-

Rex lightly pushed the front door open to her home and closed it quietly behind her.

The young Fox was feeling happy she was finally...finally gonna start the life she had always wanted.

"Mom, Kate I'm home!"Rex called as she walked into the living room.

"Rexie!"Kate cheered jumping off the sofa where she had been sitting beside their mom, and ran over to her sister.

"You've been gone all day I've missed you!"Kate added nuzzling Rex.

"I missed you too,"Rex replied as their mother walked up to them.

"Welcome home sweetie,"Kate and Rex's mom who was name Lois said.

"Thanks,"Rexie responded as she pulled away from her sis and nuzzled her mother.

"So how was tonight?"Kate asked.

"It was fine Kairi, and I hung out at her house talking about Lake Vill we're excited to move there!"Rex cheered.

"Well I'm glad you two finally became pet and master,"Lois added.

"Me too Kairi is awesome!"Rex giggled.

"She sure is and I trust her that she'll take good care of you,"Lois said as she hugged Rex.

"I'm so happy you're okay with me doing this,"Rex replied.

"Well the law says at age 16 a Fox is then allowed to live with a human so it's all good!"Lois pointed out.

"That's true,"Rex smirked.

"Oh my gosh my little sister is moving out of the house!"Kate cried.

"Aw Katie don't worry I'll be sure to visit!"Rex barked.

"I know...it's just it'll feel so weird without you here,"Kate sighed.

"I understand, but hey I'll be in good hands!"Rex responded.

"Kairi's just lucky I trust her enough with you,"Kate muttered.

Rex rolled her eyes at Kate's comment and smiled.

"She won't do anything bad to me Kate,"Rex said as she began to yawn.

"I know I know I'm just protective is all,"Kate added.

"No kidding!"Rex laughed.

"Hey Rex Hun you look a bit tired maybe you should get some sleep,"Lois suggested.

"Yeah I'm pretty beat I'll see ya guys in the morning goodnight!"Rex said as she walked out of the living room, heading for the stair case.

"Night night Rexie!"Lois and Kate called as the Fox walked up the stairs.

Then the orange and white nine tailed Fox entered her bedroom where she jumped into her bed, and pulled the blankets

over her resting her head on her pillow and fell asleep.

And little did Rexie know that this move would change her life forever.

-The Next Morning-

"No I can't I'll be late!"Kate yelled.

"What the..."Rex mumbled as she sat up in bed.

"Kate we talked about this you have to!"Lois snapped.

"Oh they're fighting,"Rex said to herself as she jumped out of bed and headed out of her room.

"Mom why can't I just do my work when I get home?"Kate asked.

"Because you were let off the hook yesterday,"Lois replied glaring at her oldest daughter.

"What are you two fighting about now?"Rex questioned as she entered the living room.

"Chores,"Kate mumbled.

"No not just chores she wants to go out with friends!I told her yes if she did her work first,"Lois explained.

"And she doesn't want to?"Rex added as she let out a sigh.

"Yep,"Lois answered.

"It's not that I don't want too!I just wanna go out with friends!"Kate growled.

"You two knock it off!"

Lois, and Kate both stopped fighting when they saw Kairi standing in the door way.

Rexie smiled at her master happy that she'd given the Redhead an extra key to the house.

"Kairi...uh we're sorry,"Lois said weakly.

"Yeah?Well then act like it!Stop arguing!"Kairi replied not liking that fact that they were upsetting her pet.

"I'ma go do those chores, and then tell my friends I'll meet them at the mall later!"Kate said nervously running out

of the living room.

"Well I must get to work see ya two later,"Lois said as she left the house.

"Kairi!That was amazing!"Rexie cheered.

"Thanks,"Kairi replied hugging her Fox.

"No!I should be the one thanking you!"Rexie pointed out.

Kairi smirked and then let go of her Fox.

"Well guess what?I have a whole day of awesomeness planned!"Kairi announced.

"Oh?And what is this so called awesomeness?"Rexie questioned.

"We're almost done packing our things!"Kairi said cheerfully.

"How does that count as a day of awesomeness?"Rex really didn't like packing...even if it was just a little bit more.

"Because!After we're done we are going out to dinner!and then you're staying at my place!Sleepover!"Kairi squealed

like a five year old in a candy store.

"I have to ask my mom first though,"Rexie pointed out.

"No need to!I called her this morning and asked, but when she said yes I made her promise not to tell you!"The

Redhead explained.

"Well this is a day of awesomeness now!"Rexie barked happily.

"Good now go pack some stuff for the sleepover kay?I'll wait down here,"Kairi added.

"Got it!"Rexie smirked running out of the living room and up the stairs.

The white, and orange nine tailed Amber-eyed Fox rushed into her room where she got her bag from her closest that

was now nearly empty from packing, and put her tooth brush, tooth paste, her copy of The Hunger Games, two blankets,

and then pulled her bag over her back and strapped it her, shutting it closed.

After that Rexie smiled trotting out of her room proudly wearing her 'Back Pack' and headed back down stairs.

"Ah!I see you're all ready,"Kairi said as she Fox came into view.

"Yup!"Rex confirmed as Kate entered the room.

"Rexie!Kairi told me you're spending the night with her!Have fun,"Kate said as she gave her sister a hug.

"Thanks I will!"Rexie smirked as she let go of her sister.

After that Kate smiled, and waved at the pair as they left the house and then the older, Black furred, white nine

tailed,Green-Eyed Fox got back to work on her chores.

"So what should we pack next?"Rex asked looking around at all of the boxes, and bins filled with her, and Kairi's


"Well all we have left is a few stacks of towels, cans of soup, beans, meat, and then after that just leaves my

pillows, sheets, and blankets, but we're gonna need those tonight so I figured we could pack that tomorrow since

that's when we're leaving,"Kairi answered.

"Sounds good to me!"Rex cheered.

"Awesome!Then let's get to it!"Kairi responded.

Rexie nodded in response to her master and then both the Fox and the Human got to work on packing.

"These are the last stack of towels Kairi!"Rex cheered putting the soft pieces of fabric in the box, and then closed it.

"And I'm done with packing all of the cans of food!"Kairi added closing her box.

"Awesome!And speaking you know speaking of food I'm getting pretty hungry,"Rex replied.

"Same here come on let's go out go Olive Garden and eat!"Kairi said.

"Sounds good too me!"Rexie smiled as she let outa cheerfull laugh.

After that both Kairi and Rexie went to the resteroint and ate a wonder dinner.

"My gosh that samon was amazing!"Rex cheapered as she and Kairi left Olive Garden.

"Yeah!Well that pasta was pretty good too!"Kairi pointed out.

"Yeah,"Rex agreed as she smiled nuzzling her master.

"You're mitty happy tonight I'm so glad!"Kairi said petting Rex on the head.

"Me too!Cause being happy is awesome!"Rex sqeaked.

"Yes, yes it is!"Kairi smirked as they walked to her house.

"This night has really been the best one ever!"Rexie giggled as her eyes twinkled with massive happiness.

"It sure has,"Kairi responded as they arrived back at her home.

Once inside the pet and master pair made their way upstairs, where they got ready for bed.

Rex brushed her teeth, took the blankets out of her bag and then laid down on Kairi's comfy bed.

"Alright ready for a good night's sleep?"Kairi asked walking into the bedroom wearing a pair of blue pants, and a

soft pink pajma top, with her hair nicely fixed into a pony tail.

"I'm Ready!"Rex cheered as she dove under the covers, and blaknets.

Kairi smiled as she laid down next to Rexie, and then pulled the Fox into her arms.

Rex smiled nuzzling the Redhead as she was being hugged, and cuddled.

"I love you,"Rex said softly letting out a yawn.

"I love you too,"Kairi replied kissing Rexie on the forehead as she and her little Fox fell asleep snuggled into each other's warmth.

Tomorrow would be a day that would change both Kairi and Rexie's life, however...it wouldn't change in the way they'd expect it too.

-The Next Morning-

"Rexie get up!"Kairi whispered.

"Uh...ten more minutes!"Rex whined snuggling deeper into Kairi's arms.

Kairi smirked smiling down at her adorable Foxie.

"Now, now! We really need to get going it's time for us to say goodbye to your sister and mom before we set out for

Lake Vill,"Kairi replied.

"Oh alright,"Rex responded letting out a yawn as Kairi let her pet out of her grasp.

"You're so cute when you're tired!"Kairi added.

"Oh trust me! I know!"Rexie giggled.

"Good now come on!"Kairi said as she let out a laugh jumping out of bed.

"Right behind ya!"Rex barked excitedly following her master out of the bedroom.

Then the pet and master pair went to get ready for the day a head of them.

"You know I'ma miss my family, but it'll feel nice to finally be able to have a start over,"Rexie explained as she

packed her bag.

"I understand,"Kairi responded as she put some boxes into the trunk of her car."But ya know I'll take care of

you,"The Redhead added.

"I know,"Rexie replied smiling at her human.

After that the pair finished up putting the boxes and bins into Kairi's car and then packed up her beding, pillows,

and blakents.

After that when everything was ready they drove to Rexie's old home where Lois, and Katie were waiting outside.

"What are you two doing out here?"Rexie asked walking up to her mother and sister.

"Well since we knew you were leaving today and coming to say goodbye, we thought we'd wait out here for you two just

for the heck of it,"Katie explained.

"Oh I see well I'm gonna miss you two,"Rexie said letting out a sigh.

"We're gonna miss you too!"Lois and Kate cried in unison pulling Rex into a group hug.

"Hey what about me!"Kairi hissed looking at the family of three.

"Oh right...sorry!"Lois laughed pulling Kairi into the hug.

Kairi rolled her eyes and smiled as she hugged back.

Once the four let go of each other Lois spoke up.

"Take care of her, Kairi!"Lois said looking at Rexie.

"I will don't worry,"Kairi said gently.

"Good! And thank you for bringing joy to my baby!"Lois added.

"No problem,"Kairi smirked.

"Well we better get going,"Rexie pointed out.

"Yeah we should,"Kairi agreed.

"Bye Rexie!"Katie said.

"Bye sista!"Rex reponded as she and Kairi began to walk back to the car.

"Oh my gosh! My little sister is growing up!"Katie howled.

"That she is my dear, that she is..."Lois sighed watching the car drive out of their sight.

Soon Kairi and Rexie arrived at Lake Vill both happy and excited to get to their new house.

"Wow... this place is amazing!"Rexie cheered looking out her car window, seeing the five lakes around the town that

was filled with Foxes and Humans walking about.

"It sure is,"Kairi agreed.

Then the redhead pulled into a drive way and smiled.

"We're here,"The human girl added.

"Our home looks awesome!"Rexie barked as she opened her door and jumped out of the car.

"Yes it does,"Kairi smirked as she got out of the car following Rexie up to the front door.

Then the master took out the door key from her purse and put it in the lock, and began to unlock the opening to the


Within a few seconds the door was opened and the pet and master pair stepped inside.

Both Kairi and Rexie saw that their furniture had been furniture delivered, and placed into each room as asked with that they were

happy not having to do as much work.

"Oh! This is just as bad a** as I remembered it!"Rexie howled in excited.

Kairi laughed at her pet's excitement and grinned.

"Yeah, but come on let's go get the rest of our stuff and began unpacking,"Kairi said heading back to the door.

"Okay,"Rexie replied as she followed her master close behind.

After that the two worked together bringing in boxes, bins, and everything else that belonged to them.

With the next few hours Kairi and Rexie had their rooms all done, beds made, things put where they belonged, and once

everything was finished the pair celebrated by turning on some TV in the living room and relaxed.

"What a day,"Rexie said letting out a yawn as she nuzzled into Kairi.

"You said it,"Kairi responded wrapping her Fox into her arms.

"I can't wait to start enrolling in Fox school too!"Rexie giggled.

"I can't wait either! It'll be so good for you,"Kairi smiled as she pet Rexie gently.

"Yeah,"Rexie replied sleepily as her eyes began to close.

Kairi smiled down at her tired Foxie and pulled her deeper into her arms.

"Go to sleep it's alright,"Kairi whispered.

Rexie nodded and within the next second the Fox had passed out into sleep mode.

"She's adorable,"Kairi thought as she snuggled her Rexie and fell asleep beside her pet on the sofa.

-The Next Morning-
Rexie a woke to the feeling of two arms wrapped protectively around her. The orange and white nine tailed Fox looked up to see Kairi sleeping peacefully

The Fox nuzzled her human affectionately and as Kairi awoke to the feeling of nuzzling she smiled and opened her eyes.

"Morning Sweetie,"Kairi greeted.

"Morning Awesome Master!"Rexie greeted back.

"Wanna help me with breakfast today?"Kairi asked.

"Yes!"Rexie barked happily.

"Alright then let's get to it!"Kairi responded as she let Rex out of her grasp, and got off of the sofa.

Rexie jumped off the piece of furniture right after her human and followed Kairi to the kitchen.

"Now then what shall we eat?"Rexie questioned as she entered the kitchen behind the redhead.

"Hmm... well how's about pancakes?"Kairi suggested.

"Sounds good to me,"Rexie answered agreeing with her master.

"Kay then let's start cooking! Can you get me the mix from the cabinets?"Kairi replied.

"Of course!"Rexie howled cheerfully as she padded over to the cabinets, jumped up on the counter and opened the doors.

The Fox grabbed the box of mix with her mouth and then jumped back onto the floor. Kairi was over by the stove

turning it on, and getting a bowl for the mix.

"I've got it!"Rexie said as she trotted over to Kairi, placing the box on the counter beside the stove.

"Thank you,"Kairi said patting Rexie on the head.

"No problem!"Rexie added as she smiled.

Then Kairi opened the box of mix and poured it into the bowl. After words she picked up the box and looked at the cooking directions that followed.

"Okay Rexie can you get me a measuring cup? and then some flour, eggs, and the milk please?"Kairi wondered looking

down at her little pet.

"On the go!"Rexie said quickly as she ran to get the things her master asked for.

Kairi couldn't stop grinning Rexie was quite the helper, she was always there to help her or her family when they needed her.

Then after Rexie came back with what Kairi needed they continued the process of making the pancakes.

And soon enough they were in a pan on the stove in their final step.

"They smell good!"Rexie speaked cheerfully.

"Yes they do,"Kairi agreed as she finished up cooking their breakfast.

Seeing that the food was ready, Rexie got two plates and brought them to the human girl.

"Thank you so much!"Kairi said as she took the plates and set three pancakes on each.

"You are very welcome!"Rexie replied.

"Okay then ready to eat?"Kairi said.

"Yeah,"Rexie responded as she nearly almost jumped half way across the kitchen, to get to the table and sit down.

"Someone's excited,"Kairi pointed out as she put Rexie's plate in front of her, and then took a seat next to her pet.

"You're such a mind reader,"Rexie added as she dug into her food.

"That's me!"Kairi bragged as she laughed.

Rexie rolled her eyes at her master's comment and then continued to eat.

After that the pair finished their food and then went to relax in the living room again.

"Man I can't wait till tomorrow,"Rexie said.

"Me too,"Kairi responded. The next day was when Rexie would start going to public Fox school, she'd been home schooled

for a few years now, but she was finally ready to go back and be with others her age.

And it was not only that, but Kairi too would be starting school and work soon. She had gotten a job at a book store

which started the coming week as well as college classes.

So the day went on Rexie and Kairi talked and watched TV, had a very nice dinner and then went to sleep.

Rexie had her own room like Kairi did and even though she liked being able to cuddle with her master, she did too like having a bed and a space of her own.

That's why Rexie decided to sleep by herself that night knowing she'd be thinking a lot, until she was able to fall asleep. Cause when she was thinking a lot she wanted to be alone.

-The Following Day-

"Rexie, come we're gonna be late!"Kairi called from downstairs.

"Coming!"Rexie yelled as she grabbed her school bag, and strapped it to her back.

Then the Fox ran down the staircase meeting her master at the bottom.

"Alright let's go!"Rexie barked.

"Yes let's!"Kairi added as she opened the front door leading Rex out of the house.

Then both got into the redhead's car and then Kairi started it up, and with that they started on their way to the Fox

High School.

When they arrived at the school Kairi parked the car in front of the building and got out along with Rexie.

"Now then since you're starting here in the middle of the school year, they have your school schedule in the front office so come on let's go get it,"Kairi explained.

Rexie nodded and then ever so proudly walked a long side her master into the learning center.

Then they walked into the front office where some other students, teachers, and the of course the office workers were.

Thankfully however it didn't take long until the line got smaller, and they made their back to the desk where the workers stood.

"My pet Rexie Pie is starting at the school today and we were told her schedule would be here,"Kairi said.

"Ah yes! I have it right here,"The office worker replied taking the paper out of a file she had.

Rex gratefully took her schedule and smiled.

"Thank you!"Kairi and Rexie said in unison as they left the office.

"You're welcome!"The office worker responded.

Exiting the office and entering into the lobby of the school, Kairi hugged Rexie tightly and smiled.

"You'll be fine have a great day! And I'll be back at three,"Kairi added.

"Alright see ya then,"Rexie sighed.

With that Kairi walked away from her pet and then Rexie, turned around heading into the busy hallways as the other students headed for their classes.

As Rexie focused on her schedule trying to find her first class, she by mistake bumped into something and fell to the ground.

"Dang it all..."Rexie muttered on her breath.

"Hey! I'm so sorry did I hurt you?"

Rexie looked up to see a hunny colored Fox looking down at her. Then Rex quickly stood up and began to speak.

"Nah I'm fine, it's my fault I was looking at my school schedule I'm new here,"Rexie replied.

"It's alright I understand. So what's your first class?"The hunny colored Fox asked.

"English,"Rexie answered.

"That's my first class too! We can walk together!"

"Sounds good,"Rexie smirked.

"Awesome! So what's your name?"

"I"m Rexie,"The orange and white Fox responded.

"That's a nice name! I'm Hunnie,"The other female Fox added.

"That's a nice name as well!"Rexie pointed out.

"Wel thanks! Now come on let's get going,"Hunnie barked as she padded ahead of Rexie.

"Right behind ya!"Rexie said happily as she followed her new friend to English class.

Hunnie smiled at the new High School Student and had a feeling they'd become close buddies.

When they reached the class Rexie walked in behind Hunnie and went right to the teacher.

"Hi I'm the new student,"Rexie said shyly.

"Rexie Pie! Ah yes we've been excited to have you!" My name is Miss Write! You can take any desk you'd like in this

class you can sit wherever you please,"The Teacher responded.

"Okay thanks!"Rexie replied as she padded over to the desks. Rexie found one at the near back row and took her school

bag off, and then hung it over her chair. Then Rex sat down and waited for class to begin.

Then a white Fox, and a Blue Fox ran into the room laughing, which caught Rexe's attention.

"Come on Snow!"We've got to found new awesome seats today!"The Blue Fox smirked.

"Yes we do!"Snow replied as she giggled.

"Hey Sis! Look a new comer!"The Blue Fox added pointing to Rexie.

"Oh my gosh!"Snow barked as she ran over to Rex's desk.

"Well hi there friend!"Snow agreed as she took Rexie's left paw and shook it.

"Hi,"Rexie replied as she shook back.

"I'm Snow! And this is my sister Wind!"The white fox greeted as she pointed to the Blue furred Fox walking up beside her.

"Well it's a pleasure to meet both of you,"Rexie smiled.

"YAY! We've made a new friend!"Wind cheered.

"Yeah expect I made friends with her before both of you,"

Then Rex, Wind, and Snow turned their heads to where Hunnie was sitting.

"You did?"Snow and Wind asked unison.

"Yep! I helped her get here too!"Hunnie bragged.

"Well, well, well! Looks like you're lucky Hunnie,"Snow said.

"You know each other?"Rexie added looking at the three Foxes.

"Yeah! Snow, Wind, and I have been best friends for years now!"Hunnie answered.

"And now you can be our new best friend too! And be part of our group!"Wind howled.

"Well... if it's okay with you two,"Rexie said nervously.

"Duh! We'd love it if you were in our group!"Hunnie and Snow responded.

"Thanks,"Rexie grinned.

"No problem,"Hunnie said gently smiling at Rexie.

Then Snow and Wind took their seats and after that, the four Foxes began talking and laughing. It was then for the

first time in years Rexie felt she was fitting in.

However soon class started and the teacher got everyone to quite down.

-A Week Later-

Ever since Rexie's first day at Fox High School she kept hanging out with Snow, Wind, and Hunnie.

Kairi was happy to see her pet make friends and be happy. The human girl had started work at the bookstore and began college classes in the area.

And on this day the group was at the park playing.

"Hey watch this!"Rexie laughed as she jumped off the swing she was sitting on, and lunged into the air doing a flip and landing on her paws.

"Awesome! But watch this!"Hunnie barked as she jumped onto the swing and swung high into the air, where she jumped off of the swing and did three flips in the air before landing on her paws.

"Whoa..." Rex, Wind, and Snow said in unison.

"Yep! That's how ya do it!"Hunnie laughed as she walked back to her friends.

Back miles away from Lake Vill... away from the other towns of the Kingdom of Starlight was where the Princess lived. In a nice stone castle, but today was not a good day for her. The Princess known as The Princess of Peace was getting ready... for an event that would her lands... if she did not take action.

The Princess was a gray and white Fox with a golden crown. She wore a golden collar and she wore it with pride.

But as the ruler did not care about pride today. No she cared about saving her kingdom.

"The Elements of weather..." The time is almost here for them to pick their rightful owners,"The Princess thought as

she opened a stone door. Behind the door were the Elements. They laid in a stone carved box looking as powerless as ever.

The Princess then used her magic and picked up all of the Elements out of the Box, and then pulled them to air through the air.

Putting them down gently she looked at them carefully. The Elements were the only things left to save the lands, along with the owners... who were gonna be picked to protect and fight for their home.

"This weekend it will be time,"The Princess added to herself as she got ready for an important meeting, which everyone in the kingdom would have to attend.

-Three Days Later-

"Rexie! Come in here and look at this!"Kairi demanded.

"Okay, okay!"Rexie replied as she ran into the living room.

"It's a letter from the castle they say they're having a meeting that the whole kingdom is gonna attend, and they're meeting right here in Lake Vill at the Town Square,"

"What's the meeting about though?"Rexie asked.

"No idea it doesn't say,"Kairi sighed.

"Well I guess we're gonna find out soon enough,"Rexie added.

"Yeah that we will,"Kairi responded.

"I hope it's nothing bad..."Rexie said nervously.

"Same here,"Kairi replied wishing the same as her pet.

Then Five days later the meeting took place in the Town Square of Lake Vill.

Everyone gathered together in large crowds and waited for their Princess to speak.

"Subjects of StartLight! It's almost been 1,000 years since the great evil was turned to stone! The evil will come in

back to life in Three days They were defeated by the Elements of Weather, but the Elements lost much of their power

due to being used for such a hard task, and that is why I know it's time for these four Elements to find their owners

the ones who will find the power for these tools and will protect StarLight from danger!"The Princess howled.

Then everyone in the crowd looking at each other nervously and then glanced back up at their ruler.

"Now then I have learned a magic spell that will cause these four Elements to find who they belong to! Whoever is picked will be in charge of Protecting these lands! And the four chosen will also have to come together as a group,"Princess Peace added.

"Now then let's get this started!"The Princess barked before anyone could say a thing.

Using her magic spell the Elements then Rose from the stone box and went floating through the air.

Then the four Elements made their ways... to their owners.

Rexie's eyes grew wide when the Fire Element, which was a necklace with an Orange Fire Flame on the front snapped

it's self around her neck.

Then the Element of Earth... which was another Necklace with a picture of the planet in carved in the front of it,

snapped it's self around Hunnie's neck.

After that the Element of Air... which had an engraved picture of heavy Winds bending trees, snapped its self around

Wind's neck.

And finally the Element of Water... which had a engraved image of the ocean snapped its self around Snow's neck.

"Well it looks like the Elements have found their owners! Foxes with these jewels please come here!"The Princess said.

With that Rexie, Wind, Snow, and Hunnie walked up to where the Princess was and stood beside her.

"Subjects! I present to you! The Elements of weather!"The Princess of peace cheered. Then the ruler whispered to the four what their names were, and when the question was answer the ruler spoke again.

"Snow! The Element of Water! !Wind The Element of Air! Hunnie! The Element of Earth! And Rexie! The Element of

Fire!"The Princess roared.

Then everyone cheered and clapped at the four Foxes who were nervously smiling back and waving.

That's when... it began the start of the war... to protect their kingdom. The Foxes knew this was what they were

meant to do, but could they do it? Only time would tell...

Later that Night Wind, Rexie, Snow, Hunnie, along with Kairi and Rex's family all over at Kairi and Rex's house talking.

"I can't believe we have to do this!"Wind groaned.

"Oh come on! It's not so bad we'll be together after all,"Snow pointed out.

"Yeah... but I'm still scared,"Wind added.

"I'm scared too Wind,"Rexie admitted.

"And so am I,"Hunnie barked in while nervously pawing at the floor.

"I'm really concerned for your safety sis!"Kate whined.

"I know,"Rexie said as she let out a sigh.

"Promise us you'll be safe?"Lois added looking at her youngest daughter.

"I promise,"Rexie responded.

"Don't worry Miss Pie I'll make sure she's safe and sound,"Kairi said giving Lois a reassuring smile

"Thank you,"Lois responded.

"No problem,"Kairi smiled.

"Alright then Kate we need to get back home,"Lois added.

"Okay,"Kate replied as she hug Rexie a tight hug.

Then the mother and daughter pair left the house, and began their way back home.
-The Next Day-
When morning came and the Foxes were getting ready for school, they couldn't stop thinking... could they really

defeat this great evil?

It was the only thing in their minds as they prepared for learning that day.

At school things went normal... well for a little while at least.

It was after Lunch in History class that an important announcement came over the intercom.

"Attention all teachers and Students! We are now experiencing a school break in! Please hide under your desks, teachers lock the doors and do not move until further notice,"

With that the history teacher Miss Story ordered everyone under their seats, locked the door, and pulled down a blind that covered the class room door.

"I hope we don't get killed,"Wind whispered to Hunnie.

"We won't,"Hunnie quietly replied back.

However it was if Hunnie had spoken too soon... Because within the next few seconds someone began pulling on the classroom door knob.

When finding out the door was lock however then that's when everything went crazy...

All of the sudden the glass of the classroom door broke as a gun built flew through it.

Then more shooting began right after all until the glass all broke and everyone in the class was shaking in fear.

It was a moment later... that the sound of forceful pulling on the door was heard. And in someway... somehow the lock was broken. The door swung open and loudly slammed against the wall.

That's when it happened... two figures stepped into the room and the shooting started again.

Everyone covered their heads and ducked as low as they could go.

But it wasn't enough... to save Wind from getting hurt.

As the shots rang out through the room a loud cry of pain was heard from under a desk.

Wind had been shot in her left side and couldn't move.

The Blue Fox then felt blood begin to come out of the large hole in her side.

Hunnie seeing what happened stood up underneath her desk, dispite of the shooting that still took place.

She'd seen which shooter had hurt her and she wanted pay back...

The Hunny colored Fox crawled out from under her desk, and lunged for the shooter who had gotten Wind.

But the shooter was too quick for Hunnie... and within the next moment Hunnie too was down on the floor.

Then the shooter pointed his gun at Hunnie's head, but before he could pull the trigger five police men ran into the room with guns in hand.

"Lower your weapons!"One Officer snapped at the two shooters.

Seeing guns pointed at their heads the shooters did as they were told, and then the police put them in handcuffs.

After that two of the officers pulled them out of the class while the other three stayed, as the students came out

from under their decks and the teacher let out nervous sigh.

"Is everyone okay?"Miss Story asked.

"We're okay Miss Story... just shaken up,"One male Fox student managed to choke out.

"Miss we're gonna take these two they need help if they're gonna live,"One of the police men pointed out. As the

other officers picked up Wind, and Hunnie.

"I understand,"Miss Story responded.

"Kay good, but let's get the others out of here now!"Other officer said.

With that the students, policemen, and the Teacher left the classroom.

A few minutes later the other classes were allowed to dismiss and go home early.

As Rexie and Snow walked out of Math class they looked for their other two friends through the hallways.

But before they could search that much Miss Story walked up to them.

"Rexie... Snow... your two friends have been shot,"The Fox teacher said weakly.

"WHAT!"Rexie and Snow yelled in unison.

"I'm sorry... they're being taken to the hospital where they'll be given treatmeant. So hopefully they'll both pull

through and survive,"The Teacher added.

"Well thank you Miss Story for telling us, but we're gonna be going now,"Rexie said quickly pulling Snow along with her.

-Later That Night-

Both Rexie and Snow could not sleep so when Snow called Rexie's cellphone in the middle of the night, asking her if

she'd be up to going on a walk with her the nine tailed Fox answered with a quick yes.

The orange and white Fox went downstairs quietly and snuck out of the house through the back door.

Once in her back yard Rexie ran to the front where she was to meet Snow.

And sure enough Snow was right there waiting for her friend.

"Ready?"Snow asked.

"Yeah,"Rexie replied a bit nervously.

"Kay come on then,"Snow added leading Rexie away from her house.

"So do you think Hunnie and Wind will be okay?"Rexie sighed.

"I sure hope so I don't wanna lose a good friend and a sister,"Snow said.

Rex bit down on her lower lip... it was bad enough she had to go through this, but she was not at all related to the victims...

"I'm so sorry about your sister getting shot,"Rexie barked.

"It's... well it's not okay, but it's not your fault so don't be sorry,"Snow explained.

Rexie nodded in response to her friend's words and then the two kept on walking down the street.

Soon the two came upon an alley and walked down it as they kept on talking, and talking.

But before they go walk one more step a voice from behind... made the two stop dead in their tracks.

"What's two pretty little ladies like yourselves doing out here this time of night?"

When Snow and Rexie turned around they saw Fix large nasty looking Male foxes headed their way.

"We're just out for a walk..."Snow answered as she growled. She knew these guys meant business.. and that they were

a gang and everyone knew that gangs were not safe people.

"Or are ya out to have some fun?"One of the male Foxes asked as he walked up to Snow.

"No we are not out for anything other than a walk!"Snow snarled.

"I'll give you a walk!"The male Fox hissed as he knocked Snow to the ground.

Then two of the other Six Gang Foxes went to attack Snow, while the last three slowly walked up towards Rex.

"How's bout some sexual playing?"Another Gang out suggested.

Rexie's eyes widened at the question... she... was.. about... to...be... raped.

"Please don't!"Rex begged as the three Gang Foxes pushed her to the ground.

The male Foxes did not listen to Rex instead they laid her on her back, and two pinned down her arms while the other Two went down to Rexie's 'area'

Then Rexie began to feel one of the male Foxes suck on her v****a.

"Liking this oral sex babe?"The Gang Fox laughed.

Rexie couldn't speak... she was frozen... in fear.

After being sucked for about two minutes, while hearing screams and cries from Snow at the other side of the alley,

the Gang Fox stopped preforming oral sex and told the others to flip her over.

And when did what they were told, the Gang Fox who had preformed oral sex on Rexie, got on top of her and began to

hump the young Fox hard.
-Three Hours Later-
Rex groaned as her Amber eyes opened weakly. She felt dizy and all sick as she sat up.

Looking around her she realized she was still in the alley. Then when she looked over at the other side of the evil

place there laid Snow who was badly bruised.

"Snow, Snow!"Rexie hissed as she shook her friend's shoulder.

"Huh...?"The White Fox said as her Blue eyes opened to see Rexie looking down at her.

"Are you okay?"Rexie asked in a concerned tone.

"Yeah..."Snow said weakly as she stood up.

"Come on we've got to get you home!"Rexie pointed out.

"No! We've got to get you home!"Snow replied.

"I'll be fine, Snow!"Rexie barked.

"Alright then I think I'll be fine too... I'll see ya at school tomorrow, kay?"Snow responded.

"Kay,"Rexie said letting out a sigh as they excited the alley and went back to their homes.

Finally... the day came when the evil escaped their traps.

The evil group of humans were happy to be free... and now hearing that the Elements had their own owners... well they knew they needed to strike at the four first...

"I'm so glad we were still able to hear behind that stone!"Lord cheered.

"Same here,"Namine agreed as she smiled.

"Okay you two! Now that we know who we're looking for let's go get those Foxes and kill them!"Tails laughed

"Yes let's!"Namine and Lord agreed.

Then the three set out making their way for Lake Vill... while the race against time to have the power to defeat them

rested in the four Foxe's paws.

"So when will we get there?"Namine asked.

"It'll take at least a month we can only walk... and were turned to stone on this side of the kingdom, while Lake

Vill is like at the other end of these freaking lands,"Tails Explained.

"Well this will take us forever,"Namine sighed.

"Nah just a month!"Tails chimed in.

-Three Weeks Later-

Rexie awoke to feeling rather sick... it was becoming a regular thing now. She'd throw up everywhere... so Snow, along with Wind and Hunnie (Who were now out of the hospital) Looked for the power of the Elements and let Rexie rest.

"That's it! We're taking you to the doctor today,"Kairi ordered dragging her Fox out of the front door.

"Fine,"Rexie muttered.

Kairi drove Rexie to the vet and when they got their, the redhead quickly picked up her Fox, got out of the car and went inside.

It only took about ten minutes and the doctor was able to see Rexie.

"So what's wrong with her?"Kairi asked nervously.

"The test results would be back any minute, Miss Overdrive."The Doctor replied as Rexie eyed her master with fear.

Kairi sighed and then the door to the doctor's room opened and a nurse walked in.

She handed the doctor the test and left without a word.

Then the Doctor looked at the results and then gave Kairi a fearful look.

"What is it? Is my Rexie Pie Sick!?"Kairi asked as she began to panic.

"Miss Overdrive... your pet isn't sick, but she is however pregnant."The Doctor admitted.

Then Rexie broke into a loud sob and fell into her master's arms.

-End Of Book One-