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My Stuff
I just write stuff that happens to me, or someone else, when I think it's important enough.
God Theory
Shower thoughts lead me here, feel free to read on at your own risk:

I was taking a shower and with nothing to do I started to think.
Recently I had an argument with someone about religion and that came to mind. The sounds coming from outside were Kim playing Ocarina of time and that brought up some memories...

It goes back to my days in Elementary School.
I didn't know that much English back then as I had just arrived from Spain a few months earlier and had only recently been introduced into the world of gaming, keep that in mind.

~~~~~Spoilers may follow.~~~~~
As I remember it I was playing Ocarina of Time and my little brother was watching. I had just gotten the Master Sword and was at the cutscene where Rauru talks to you in the Chamber of Sages when my brother suddenly asks, "Who's that?" [in Spanish of course] and without a second through I go for the first thing that pops into my head and tell him it's God.

Why? A few reasons;
1. I didn't know that much English and couldn't read that he was a Sage.
2. He is old and has a beard and floats, I also got that he protected you for seven years until you came of age, so I assumed that was his role.
3. It was the simplest answer, the most obvious one in my head, it had to be him.

~~~~~Spoilers end here.~~~~~

I thought about this for a while and came to the realization that this is religion. This is God. God, Allah, Zeus, Quetzalcoatl, whatever are excuses, simple explanations to things. It works out, really. If something good happens to someone, God is smiling upon them. If something bad happens, Divine Punishment. God is an excuse and an explanation. All that we don't understand can be explained by something "beyond" us. This is the basis to all religions, really. From Greeks to Mayans to Christians and Hindus. This is what I believe, my opinion/interpretation mind you.

P.S. I'm pretty sure none of this makes sense, don't judge I'm on pain medications at the moment. K? K.

Shiki the Forsaken Prince
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    Angel Without Her Halo
    Community Member

    Sat Mar 23, 2013 @ 11:34pm

    Interesting, that is for sure.

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