I just remembered that I ever even had a journal on here. Going back and reading through the entries, I wanna delete them all, but I won't. It's a record of things that I'd forgotten had happened.
My grammar was terrible....and the levels of teenage angst and stupidity were both hilarious and embarressing. Did I not know how to proof-read? Or spell?
Well, I was 15 when I wrote those entries, and it was 2010...I don't even remember writing them. Its hard to beleive I've been on Gaia for so long....2010-2013.....it's only 4 years, but that's a long time when you think about it. I took a few long haitus' as well. Gaia has me catalouged as being online for 914 days so far. That's about 2.5 years out of 4 that I've been online.
Alot of things have changed since I joined Gaia. My parents divorced (again), My mom got a new bf (Tim is really nice and cool. He's like a giant kid!), my little brother Skyler is 12, my other little brother Braden is living in Florida......And I moved up the highway about 8 miles to McKenzie. I'm a senior in high school, ranked 6th in my class, and in August I'll be moving into a dorm room at UWA. I'm about to graduate and go to college....holy hell....I'm almost 18, just a few more months...HOLY HELL.