Day 39, Magic Tricks

He stood in front of me, holding those stupid cards again. He knew just how much I hated magic tricks but always asked me to help him. After a moment of him begging I sighed and went along with it. His skills always impressed me, even though I hate magic. He loves his cards so much, and impressing people with what he can do. Can I really blame him? He is good at it. The tricks get more and more complex as he continues to practice in front of me, having me look for his movements. I have learned so much about magic tricks, not just card magic either. His love for something I find dumb has taught me so much. Sometimes I really wish he would just quit, but with how happy it makes him I can't say a thing. So I will continue to watch his dumb tricks get better and better, always looking for his mistakes so he knows what to practice and what he's got down. Though, I will never play a game of cards with him, I don't trust his skills against me. He is just too good for that.