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Death's Journal<Avatar Profiles, Thoughts and Random Things
(To read on earlier points of the story, browse my journal): updated 4/9/13

After many nights, the vision has disappeared, and she has made the decision to do the ritual to pass her daughter's immortality to herself, since she now knows Niquolette is demon spawn, and her immortality makes her a huge threat. She must now track down Niquolette and tell her what she knows, and what she must do, and the truth.

Finally, Indigo manages to track down Niquolette, she introduces herself as a hunter and shares with her vision of her past life. At first Niquolette disregards the info Indigo has told her as ramblings of a hunter gone crazy, but after Indigo reveals that she is actually her mother, and gives her some time to think. Niquolette believes her, but wants an explanation as to why she was abandoned by Indigo as a baby. After explaining the events leading up to Niquolette's birth, and putting emphasis on the fact that she died during childbirth eighteen years ago, she then explains the Malus incident(leaving out the ritual part) to clarify how she is human and alive again, as well as her young adult appearance. She also explains why Niquolette has the curse of immortality. Indigo then leaves again for a couple of days to sort out how to explain to her the ritual part, and to let Niquolette deal with all this shocking information.

With a heavy heart, Indigo returns to reinterpret her past life in a way that Niquolette understands that she was what the seer warned about, and the truth of what she is, immortal demon spawn. Niquolette is tortured by this prospect, since her whole life she has done things she considers morally wrong (think back to Malus corrupting her when she was attempting to be a hunter), she has strong ethics like her mother and has always wanted to do right. She feels somewhat relieved when Indigo tells her that there is a way to get rid of her curse so she can live a somewhat normal life (despite the fact she is demon spawn). She tells her of the ritual that requires her to be drained of blood, but omits the fact that her curse will be transferred to herself (which is ironic since her own death caused it).

After days of thought, Niquolette comes to the conclusion that even though the ritual risks her life, she is willing to do it to lessen her power, and hopes that it can start to make up for her past sins and corruption. Indigo sets up the ritual and ties up Niquolette, kisses her, and performs it...

Indigo then calls an ambulance to ensure Niquolette will not die. She is in a state of worry, guilt and self loathing over her actions and the subsequent consequence of immortality. She goes to a river to clean off her daughter's blood, and wanders around the area.

About a week or so has passed since the earlier events, and Indigo has been wandering in the wilderness, when she is visited by what she thinks is the angel of her Grandmother, however, as the angel reveals who she really is, the guardian of the girl with the curse (described in the story of Indigo's past life). So all those years Indigo thought she was with her grandma, she was with her guardian. She is shocked by this news: but the guardian isn't done with Indigo yet. For Indigo's sacrifice for her daughter, the guardian recovers a portion of Indigo's angel powers from when Indigo was an angel. As a result, Indigo can now control who or if anyone can see her aura, and her sword, twilight has gained two additional forms to it's original appearance.

Indigo has decided to go back to hunting supernatural creatures corrupt with power, and those who harm innocents, since she knows her daughter will be fine, since she is not human. She will look over Niquolette to ensure that she doesn't get corrupted by anyone, including her "father" Legion Lucifierius.

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