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Annoyance: Astro Blitz's Legacy to Continue...
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Before I delve into the main topic, I finally caved in to the crackiness that is Rule 63. Despite my apparent cuteness and girliness, it was actually quite fun and I finally had a use for the Dangerous Denim item, even tho' the leg mod make it HARD to put on boots/shoes. <__> My ava will stay male until about... I get about 12-15m into my Mini Angel Wings quest, so that'll probably take a little while, depending on the sales in the Marketplace during pay day periods. XD


So I've been talking it over with my former eTO Astro Blitz guildmates and I am seriously considering making a guild here in Gaia Online. What would it have? Game threads, your usual talk threads, etc. I would also invite other people that didn't even play Trickster here too. I'm still in need of feedback and suggestions tho'. Any and all would be welcome ~