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ChevelleRose's Randomness Journal
This is a journal of memories and stuff I think is cool. :)
This Morning's Dream
I had this dream this morning and its was so weird but it also pissed me off...

In the dream me and Charlie(along with all these other unknown friends)were in a college dorm like hotel place just chillin/doing random stuff or going to classes.

I think we were currently in the waiting area/place everyone hangs out when Charlie asked me to get something out of her/our dorm room.

So I went up there and opened the door and walked to the desk(these rooms are like normal rooms but also like dorm rooms but bigger)and in the dream I could see all over the place like I was watching a movie.

And thats when I seen someone open up the closet door and walk towards myself with a half-sized baseball bat.They were also wearing black clothes and a ski mask with eye holes and I could see their eyes well.

So I basically got to watch myself get hit across the back with the bat(dreamself's back was turned) then got hit a few more times before I turned around and then got hit in the face.My two front teeth were loose and thats when I finally got a chance to kick their legs.

Idk what happened after that but I remember that we were having a calm as can be conversation even though I was very pissed off.I think I asked what the hell they were thinking and the girl said "sorry I was looking for someone else" and I replied with "oh ok" then I called the building's security and that girl was brought somewhere.

I ran to class cuz thats where me and Charlie were meeting up with whatever I was bringing her and I just busted in through the door.Cuz I was pissed.

I ran up to her and was telling her what happened and was yelling slightly and she had the nerve to get mad at ME saying "Calm down" and I'm all "I got my two front teeth nearly busted out and I was beat with a bat by some crazy girl that was looking for you and I have no right to act like this?! My front teeth won't grow back you know. So quit acting like this is no big deal!"

Not to mention in the dream the look she had on her face made me even more mad. She had a annoyed/you are an inconvenience type look on her face. She was talking to two people tops and I don't think the professor was even there yet so if she was embarrassed or some s**t then whatever was my thoughts in the dream.

After that I left the classroom and decided to go to a hospital? Idk but I went somewhere and on the way I was wiggling my front teeth and was having a mini crisis because I didn't want to lose my two front teeth.

Weird DREAM right?
It felt so real up until that calm convo with the physio girl with the bat. I mean we literally were sitting down at our coffee table in the dream and had tea cups and stuff. ^^;

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