RPC Name: Nokomis

Bloodline being applied for: Vampire ( Dark Avenger as well if possible )

Give me some strengths and weaknesses from the bloodline: One of the more obvious weaknesses is of course the sun, water and holy based weapons and abilities. Being submerged or in contact with

RP Sample (Be sure to include said strengths and weaknesses in your sample):

The shadows lingered in the metal city, a prime hunting ground for one of the night and devoid of the light. Those who wandered out at night, sometimes never appeared the next day as they were taken by the hands of midnight. Nokomis stalked along the walls, keeping to the shadow as her next meal proceeded along casually. Echoes of a party emanated not too far off, indicating that this man was returning home from said event. Of all the fears in the Citadel, she was one of them. Yet the woman seldom killed her victims, too much of a mess to leave behind. But yet, sometimes her lust couldn't help it when feeding has been prolonged for so long.

Tonight was one of those nights.

In the Citadel, it was her favorite hunting ground. Plenty of prey and many hiding spots that a mere human could not reach. This one was oblivious to the danger lurking behind and Nokomis followed suit. Shadows appeared to have caress her body and she stepped out of the darkness. It shimmered and rippled like a pool of water as she followed the warm, lush scent the man produced. Entranced by the aroma, her lust grew every so slightly and her quieted steps quickened in response. Her emerald gaze settled upon his neck and her lush red hair bounced and billowed behind her as she approached.

The male was young, sandy colored hair and awfully pale skin the woman observed as she approached. Unlike a normal human, this male's scent was... intoxicating like a flower to a honey bee. She grew closer, becoming arrogant and more wrapped up in her need to feed, to sate her thirst. Thinking her target was oblivious, the vampire didn't see what had happened. Literally.

For what was thought to be an easy target, the male had been aware of the woman following him. With a twirl from his heel, the blue eyed man grabbed a hand full of dirt and sand, throwing it at his stalker's face in an effort to blind her as he drew a wickedly curved dagger. Years of living in the mechanical hell had taught much to the man, never trust a stranger.

"Who are you!?" He barked the order as the Vampire recoiled in pain as the sandy dust got caught in her eyes. Instinct had taken over as she leaped back two feet, hissing and rubbing at her eyes to clear away the debris. With no reply from the woman and evident that she wasn't human, the man rushed forward to strike with a downward swipe to the shoulder.

Nokomis worked quickly as her energy dispersed around her body, wrapping around in a thick dark red hue of magic. Her prey's blade did not find flesh, as it instead clashed head on. Steel on steel and speed against speed. The man she was about to hunt had a godly attractive smell, why had she been decieved by such a thing? Clashing each other's blades, the vampire's sword and the man's dagger, they circled one another despite the evil energy floating around the two. Each trying to get the upper hand with a series of feints, jabs and underhanded tricks with the mist before it began to disperse.

"You're no ordinary assailant, you're not human are you woman?" The man said as he clashed once again with the vampire's sword, she said nothing give a heavy and heard stare into his eyes.

"No" Nokomis finally said, pushing into the dagger and using her strength to get him off balance. Stumbling then, she lunged forward and sought to gain the upper hand as her prey was tripping over himself. In one swing her sword batted away his dagger from the one handed grip and it came around for one more attack for the shoulder of where an artery was located and that would mean certain death.

With a sickening crack, her sword had landed but not in such a way she had anticipated. From a downward slash that was aimed directly at open flesh, no armor, the blade was stopped dead on. It wasn't bone, as she did not pierce the flesh, it was thickened skin-like armor. Under the sword and on the ground, the man looked up at the Vampire and smiled as the dark red armor grotesquely began to cover his body like a giant blood-scab from the top of a head.

In short, he was hideous unlike his more handsome human self. It solved the question as to why she was attracted to the man's scent, how she picked him out so easily from a crowd. As a demon-blooded creature, he still had human blood as one of the dreaded Vestitors.

"Sorry sweet-heart, I am not fully human myself. So what are you!" He yelled out as his left arm was mutated through the means of the hideous skin armor. In a swift yet deadly jab, Nokomis shrieked in pain and felt red hot blood splatter out from just below her neck. There, buried into her flesh, were four finger claws belonging to the demon man. So close to her vitals, her regenerative factor saved her life many a time as already her form was healing itself.

Instead of retreating as her target would usually think, given that he dealt a nasty wound to her, Nokomis lifted her left hand. "I am a Servant of the Void!" She shouted out as the evil energy swirled around her fist and with a heavy jab, it connected to under the man's arm. An explosive impact shattered his elbow, her favored target and he too yowled in pain as she had and the monsterous arm went slack. Drawing upon her unnatural energy, Nokomis leaped back from a second attack and clutched her wound with her right hand and went to abandon the sword embedded in his flesh.

"Gah! My arm!" The man finally got up and steadied himself as his arm was still limp and in pain as blood dripped from the devastated wound caused by her yokai punch. 'You'll pay, no longer will--" The man didn't get a chance to finish as Nokomis formed a black energy blade composing like that of a bat's wing and she had regenerated her wound sufficient enough to combat her foe. In lightning quick exchanges, her and the man's energy and skin-claws collided on more than one occasion as the dueled it out in a conversation of nothing more than grunts and energy repelling each other.

In a last ditch effort, Nokomis charged her energy and unleashed a disturbing technique. She stepped through the shadows and transported herself a few meters behind the demon man who was struggling with the bloodied mist, confused and stunned at the odd nature of it. From the smell of her target however, the blood still dripping from his shattered elbow and her hunting instinct kicked in. From her vantage, the armor like skin began to crack, indicating his form has met its use and Nokomis moved forward, knees bent and torso bent forward as she prowled closer and closer.

By the time he had turned around, blinding by a mixture of shadow and bloody energy, his armor was starting to fail him as it began to chip away. 'N-No! Not now!" he yelled, begining to back away as he saw the vampire closing in for the kill. Having regained her blade, one leap from the ground and ran her sword clean through the man's stomach. This woman was no longer the one she appeared to be as a shadowy form cloaked her lithe body, carassing her and swirling around angrily as if some ungodly creature had been release from the depths of hell itself.

From the moment of impact, it was like a cannonball blasting away the rest of his armor and the man felt the fiery hot energy eat away at him. Lashing out and the two were slammed into a nearby wall from the inertia created from Nokomis' charge and her superhuman strength. By plunging him to the wall with the sword, it was like nailing a picture to a wall as the entire lower half of his torso was demolished to where it meant certain death. But somehow, he was still alive and screaming from the immense pain.

She licked her lips as her lust grew and the splattering of so much of his sickly sweet blood overloaded her, driving the vampiric woman to a sense of primal rage. Her ancient strength and consumed souls manifested itself in a demon like state, granting her such immense power. It was then with a single hand, she slammed her palm into her target's forehead and pushed it back with heavy force. This exposed his neck and she leaned in forward, drowning out his pained screams she paused for a moment.

Now I know who you are...Another Byron... One of my kin. All of you must die! Nokomis thought as she thought grimly, this eventful night would lead another step toward her genocide of the Byron. Biting into the neck, he was immediately silenced as the last bit of his life's blood was drained away. He twitched, convulsed and shook as his very soul was sucked away as death's embrace soon took him. No more pain, no more suffering... Forever to be trapped inside his assassin's body until her demise.

After an hour had passed, the guard had finally had the courage to come upon the scene to what had looked like a battlefield. Pinned to the wall was the demolished and mummy-like corpse of the Byron. Hands stapled to the wall with two crude pieces of iron and the heart staked with the sword, his head hung low while the neck was torn away and it looked as if a stream of blood flowed down. They reacted in terror at the blood spilled out over the metal ground and written within crude letters was a single sentence.

"For the Void."