Krista Reiss
Community Member
Real Life
Get a life.
Since you're so better than this, why are you still on here?
How do you know this is the only endurable life I have?
That this brings me sanity and eases my unbearable pain?
That's its not an addiction?
My drug?
Pain reliever? Stabilizer?
Society is too harsh for words
Thrown against a spiked wall
Hits you hard and fast, none stop, over and over
Need a way to get away from it
So cruel
I don't have a security blanket.
No one to tuck me in at night.
That's why the stuff done is done
The things said are spoken
The thoughts are thought of
The harm is dealt
Left to right
It drives you insane
People come and go.
Bad memories are made
Good memories are lost
Need a way to bring some type of stable serenity...