Krista Reiss
Community Member
I need a friend
Not a temporary one
A real one
Someone I can hold when it's cold
Someone to calm me when I'm ready to explode
Someone to tell me I'm beautiful everyday.
It doesn't work when I say it myself...
To have fun with
To joke with
To fight with
To share with
To laugh with
To love.
A person that actually cares what I think and how I feel.
Someone I can trust with my life if I don't want it...
Always there with me and for me
That's listens
That speaks
Someone that would feed me when I'm hungry.
That would let me in when I'm torn, outside on a stormy night.
That would hug me just because.
I hate being lonely, it excludes from happiness.
The trust for one held is now prohibited to anyone...
Including yourself...
Building an invisible barrier around you
And no on can get through.