User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Kawa, Key of the Sun

A birdkeeper found in the Birdkeeper's Tower that tends to a murder of crows. One such crow, whom Kawa names Sunny, is in fact a sunbird (specifically a sanzuwu) and Kawa tends to this one especially, since it carries the sun that shines on his world every day, perching at night on this tower so that his twin may fly around the other side of the world. For his kindness, Kawa is granted the title "Key of the Sun," and uses solar-based magic in combat from unleashing rays of light to annihilating enemies with blasts of gamma rays and AOE explosions of light. As a companion to Penn, Kawa will fire a ray of light damaging enemies in a row.

His main weapon is a staff/wand and his companion is Sunny.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Esteria, Pride of the Herd

A minotaurus found praying in the Chapel just below the Birdkeeper's Tower; her herd has recently been killed in combat and wishes to atone for all of her past misdeeds. In her bloodlust, Esteria has topped countless other tribes and eventually her own in a fight for tribe dominance. With nothing left to lose, Esteria challenges Penn to a match...and loses. Frustrated, she runs off and isn't seen again until Penn encounters the Antechamber, a one-room area of the Fortress where her Doppelganger is pinning Esteria to the ground and is about to kill her, though Penn saves the minotaurus in time. Grateful for Penn, Esteria swears loyalty to her. As a companion to Penn, Esteria will appear on the screen for fifteen seconds to follow Penn around and attack enemies. She deals high melee damage but can't take many hits herself; she's useful during bossfights.

Her main weapon is her fists.