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Something Different
Hello, thingy thing. It is I, Minrithx. I haven't written in this thing for a while so why not start right now. I haven't been feeling well lately. It's more mentally than physically I suppose. But it's alright I guess. I will get over it in time. Not much people come to gaia anymore, at least not like they used to. I am curious though. I mean, why don't they. Is it because of all the changes? Or is it the... people that come on here now. People sure have changed during the last few years. It's kinda scary. What I mean is people were a lot nicer back then a couple years back. People are still nice of course but you got those who have had their minds corrupted. I mean, kids swearing at the age of 4. What the heck... I know I'm not old enough to be thinking like a parent, although old enough to be one. I haven't experience with having kids so I wouldn't know. Anyway back to game stuff...

I don't suppose anyone of you would have a piece of cake, wouldcha? I've been craving one for sometime now. All that yummy stuff, frosting, fluffy stuff, and yum yums. I'll probably right something later due to me going to eat.