name: Fia (Macgrath)
meaning of name: shorter way to say fiammetta which is Italian for fire
abilities: can manipulate elements
residence: new marais
alignment: neutral karma, evil karma
friends/love interest: Cole Macgrath
story behind them: Fia met Cole on the streets shortly after she found out he has a similar ability as her, being in her friendly nature she offered to help him. he accepted her help. Fia showed Cole they were more alike then they thought, by creating an electoric explosion and tsking out barriers and various cars that were in their way. Fia had left to sneak back to new marais and at one point they got together again after Trish's death. she was seen again helping Cole and nearly died with the lack of skill compared to his. during festival of blood Cole met with Fia again but shortly after he became a vampire. Fia, being a vampire as well, helps him get back at the vampire that had turned them into a vampire. During Cole's alignment of evil she too turned evil and Joined him. More so because she fell in love with him.
reference: =anime short black hair&filters[primary]=images&filters[secondary]=videos&sort=1&o=20]click to see