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Masters and Slaves
Here are all my masters and slaves, some are both. PM me if you want any
#1 Seven deadly Sin Sisters (Gloria (pride), Invidia (envy), Baoshi (gluttony), Disiree (lust), Ira (wrath), Lakmi (greed), Okniria (sloth)
#2 Gaoithe (Slave,female, bi, uke, very gulable)
#3 Doggy (Slave,female, bi, uke, attention seeker)
#4 Robin (Slave,female, bi, uke, very docile)
#5 Rain (Slave,female, bi, uke, very protective of her master)
#6 Usagi (Slave,female, bi, uke, dum blonde)
#7 Kitten McGee (Slave,female, bi, uke, more cat than human)
#8 Rickky Ratta (Slave,female, bi, uke, will do anything for cheese)
#9 Alexandra (Slave,female, bi, uke, very skimpy)
#10 Viper (Slave,female, bi, seke, seme around slaves)
#11 Alice (Slave,female, bi, seme, stubborn)
#12 Sarah James (Slave,female, bi, uke, has a slutty side)
#13 No. 963 (Slave, unknown, pan, anything, ‘perfect slave’)
#14 Tom T. Thomas (Master, male, straight, uke, can create candy)
#15 Dante Alexander (Master, male, straight, seke, shapeshifter)
#16 Zackary Connor (Master, male, straight, seke, Highly demanding)
#17 Katze Yata (Slave, male, bi, uke, “tests” his masters)
#18 Ariko (Slave, male, straight, seme, he cares about his hair a good bit)
#19 Fairy May (Slave, male, bi, seke, he is tiny)
#20 Francis & Theodore Blood (slave, male, straight, F: seke T: uke)
#21 Scarlett Gallagher (s**t….)
#22 Robert von Winkel (Slave, male, straight, seme, very strong and protective)
#23 Tom T. Thomas (Slave, male, bi, uke, can create candy)
#24 Thomas Goodheart (Slave, male, straight, uke, chef)
#25 Peter John Little (slave, male, straight, uke (before, Tom, Thomas, and peter & John little))
#26 Kyle Markov (slave, male, bi, uke, very sensitive)
#27 Katze yata (master, male, straight, seke, very cliggy)
#28 Drake Darknight (master, male, straight, very seme, sadistic)
#29 Alex Kone (master, male, straight, seme,two tailed neko)
#30 Jackson N. Frost (master, male, straight, seme, he only listens to people who can bet him in a fight.)
#31 John Fairweather (master, male, bi, seke, likes bondage)
#32 Sam Siren (master, male, bi, seme, very “playful” )
#33 John and Peter little (master, male, straight, P:seke J:uke, little in name but not in other things)
#34 Daniel Quincy Sparks (master, male, straight, seke, healer)
#35 Danny/Drake (Master, Male, Straight, Danny: seke Drake: very seme, Danny is nice, Drake is ******** nasty

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