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SnowStorm42's Journal
Trying to actually write well written stuff now
First Day Back
Snow regretted leaving the cross back at the inn he was staying at. Bang. Bang. Snow emptied his blue gun's clip and dodged an wave of water. To think that Ikari would be this strong truly surprised Snow. Then again Snow couldn't exactly fight at max power yet. However mere bullets would not be enough to fight this enemy. Ikari's sword "The feeding sword" was capable of feeding off energy and life force and right now Snow had been cut a few times on the cheek. "So the legendary Snow....you seemed so much more powerful on your poster. Give up now and I will never tell anyone you came after me today." Snow laughed and thought a moment. "I'm not giving up on your bounty. I need to see I'm still capable." Before Ikari could say anything else Snow fired two rounds. Similarly to the last two clips of bullets Ikari cut the bullets in half but as he sliced the second Snow launched the chain on his right arm at Ikari. He caught it. Big mistake. Snow send a chain of thunder down the chain and fried Ikari. Not enough to do much though. So as long as he was holding the chain Snow would make the best of the opportunity. He made a stance and ran around Ikari with lightning quickness. Soon enough Ikari was chained up and Snow send one bolt of lightning down at him.
"Your money sir". The jailer took Ikari away from Snow and Snow took the money from the jailer. Success. One day back and he was already rolling in 40 mil. He decided it was time to see the others. The old HQ. That was located in North Falls. He was on his way there. When he arrived it wa just as it had been. A mansion that seemed to light up everything around Snow. He approached the front door, and knocked. He was greeted with a hug from Katey. He smiled and hugged her back. "Are the others here too?" She nodded and let him inside where Jack, Zack, and Will were waiting. They all rejoiced and hugged shook hands. The good stuff. Snow explained why he left and what he had done over the years and had done recently to bring him back in this life. "The Elites are after you?" Will asked. "I fear it could be worse than the Elites." They sat in silence and thought about this. They were slightly worried. Snow didn't blame them. If he was any bit sane he would be too. They had a swell party and caught up and all went to bed. It was going to be a good day tomorrow.

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