Hiya hiya again everyone!

So with the way things are going, my site group activities have been dead for over 6+ years. Dealing with doujin games (IE: piracy) has been taken over by other groups on the internet and now my group has lost focus on what to be doing. Stepmania is pretty much dead except for that small audience that's out there. Aside from that, all we do is lurk in our IRC channel or play online games but not with each other. It's really stressful for me as founder of Anime Toshokan.

Some things are looking up though. As some may know, I'm currently one of the oldest staff members of the video game department at Anime Weekend Atlanta. Each year, I always bring my PC setups to show off the latest in doujin games or non-mainstream anime type fighting games or more. This year is special because of the fact that ZUN, the creator of the world popular TOUHOU series, is making his US debut at Anime Weekend Atlanta this year. Because of this, I'm expected to do something big and TOUHOU related. That's not all I have planned. I managed to get a representative from Nyu-Media, the leading distributor of translated doujin games in America, to attend the con as well. Not only that, I also have contact connections with the CEO of eigoMANGA, the company responsible with releasing the translated version of the hit doujin fighting game "Vanguard Princess".

Because of these factors, I got some heavy decisions and planning to make. If I decide to have conversations with these companies and actually do something legit, all the activities of Anime Toshokan have done or are doing now will have to cease and clean up to ensure no more copyright infringing is done by our group anymore and become a legit group that works behind these companies. Truth be told, the things these two companies are doing was the main goal for my group and was something I really wanted to do myself but didn't have the money or resources to do so. So trying to make connections with these groups would be beneficial to my group but also for myself as one of my dreams would be accomplished. To some, this should be a no-brainer and that I should jump on this chance to actually do something good for my group.

Honestly, I really like being able to do what I want which is why I haven't done anything with my group since. But I don't want to be contempt with being a shadow in the online doujin gaming community and would like to be one of those that shoot the genre forward with the help of these companies. Decisions are always not that easy but I guess this should be one of those easy decisions to make, right? What do you all think about this?

That's all for now I suppose. Talk to you all later. Leave a comment or something, ok?