Hello everyone, my name is Ashley. I am ~insert age here~ years young and I am a game nerd and anime freak. I have watched just over 200 different anime, read at least 100 manga's. Some of favorites include; Soul eater, D.grey man, Angel beats, D.N. Angel, Oh! My Goddess, Inuyasha, Black Butler, Vampire Knight, and Trinity Blood. I will watch anything with magic, vampires or anything supernatural and Romance. Like I said, i'm also a game nerd. Whether its on Wii, PlayStation or Xbox, I am not picky. I have an account on both and I have Wii+Internet. So if you want to challenge me and get your a** kicked just leave me a comment on my profile or PM me.

Some other things I will tell you, though you might not care is I Roleplay, I have a guild that could use members, so if it looks interesting please don't hesitate to join. ~Click the picture in my signature below~ Anyone is welcome, just make sure you are at least semi literate. ...Hum... I am looking for a nice guy that lives close to where I am.. crying I always get hurt.. I am done dealing with assholes. But like really., I am also done with watching my best friend and her BoyToy. When I am hanging with them, I am always siting on the couch awkwardly and saying to myself something like "I like that wall.. That's a nice wall..." O.O like really ..it's just sad and always makes me wanna jump on the both of them and telling them to stop,,,..

O.O oops.. um yeah.. anyway if there is anything else you wanna know, feel free to ask.. I will answer almost anything ^-^