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I don't know
I figured I'll try to update this now and then. I'll give my inner thoughts cause let's face it, who actually reads this.

Things are tough. I'm always depressed inside. I feel the world seems to just be too busying helping itself and never giving a helping hand to others. It hurts me to see such selfish greed. Celesa is just a facade afterall. She is the image of who I wanted to be in a sense, a way out of my real mind. I'm not that overly happy and I really am a wreck all the time. I feel as though my RL friends care less about me most of the time so I'm really alone. I find the world an empty place and try so hard to be thankful for what I do have. It's hard though to always feel like I'm on top of the world. My job forces me to be happy to people 10 hours a day while they degrade me or call me names, but it's "not personal." Personal or not, it hurts.

Here, the internet, I am, well, was, popular. My art hit it big with a lot of people and sites like this, people paid attention to me. As time passed, so did that. I kind of miss it. That feeling hopefully that there's still something I can connect with here keeps me on the site. I'm proud and concerned at the fact it's been 10 years and I'm still here.

Here's to an 11th